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Welcome to Polka Dot Teapot!

About me 

I’m Laura, the face behind the blog. I’m a fashion graduate on the wrong side of 20, majorly addicted to Pinterest, huge bookworm and I drink an unhealthy amount of tea. I live in Yorkshire with my partner Dan (who is the creator of my blog, my go-to tech guy and all around good egg). Yorkshire is home for now but Scotland will always have my heart, and I’m really proud of my Scottish heritage.

About my blog

I’ve been blogging on and off since a left uni (way back in 2012) and this is the one that finally stuck!

So what’s in a name? Polka Dot Teapot was actually the name of my illustration business that I had for a few years. I tried a few blogs under a few different names, but Polka Dot Teapot was the one name I actually really liked, so I decided to use this one, and I actually do own a red polka dot teapot, given my tea addiction, it seemed entirely appropriate.

I suppose you’d call this a lifestyle blog. I blog about everything, beauty, fashion, books and any old thought that pops into my head. Writing and books are both huge passions of mine, and blogging, for me, is a really good outlet.

So welcome to my little corner of the internet, I’d love you to stick around! You can follow me on my social media profiles if you fancy (just click the buttons). Or if you prefer you can email me on laurachristinabrandon@gmail.com


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