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This is just a short follow up from my Mencap sleep in post (Read it here). Since I posted that post, we’ve since heard that Unison have been absolute legends and put forward permission to appeal the ruling, and also one of the people in the original court case has had their permission to appeal accepted.

There’s a growing movement which myself and some other awesome people who were royally pissed off have set up. We’ve called this movement #awakeonasleepin and have set it up basically for people who are in similar situations to share their experience and voice their opinions. The movement has gained a lot of momentum this past week, with more and more people joining. You can find us under that hashtag on twitter, or you can join us on Facebook here.

Except for you Mencap, we don’t like you.

Also if you haven’t already please sign our petition, and try and get Matt Hancock to take notice. Since he hasn’t bothered on twitter. Also feel free to tag him in lots of tweets too, and I mean LOTS. Make him hear us!

That’s a quick round up for now, and thank you so much to everyone who has taken part so far. I know we’re all knackered, frustrated and generally annoyed (putting it mildly). But our spirit is not broken and our voices are loud. Let’s make them sit up and take notice, and not let our companies screw us over anymore. WE DESERVE BETTER!

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  1. OMG! I’m go smacked that a union would even think about fighting workers. I will follow this with interest and support you at every opportunity.

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