10 Ways To Stay Creative

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Does anybody else ever feel like adult life can sometimes be really lacking in creativity? I’m 27, I do full time shift work and some of those shifts can last up to 26 hours at a time. Between my job, housework and other commitments I feel it can sometimes be really hard to find time to relax, unwind and just have time to be creative. I love creating and making things, I find it really relaxing and quite useful for my mental health too.

So today I thought I’d share a few ways to carry on being creative in your everyday life when being an adult is getting in the way.Wilko's creative notebook1) Make lists and jot ideas down: If you have an idea for a project, write it down so you don’t forget, then you can go back to it whenever you want. I picked up this creative journal for around £4 in Wilkinson’s and it’s brilliant! There are lots of different types of paper inside which is perfect for sketching out ideas, measurements etc. You can pick one up here.

2) Look back at past creative projects: They might inspire you to take it in a different direction, or to try something different. You could even add to them if you don’t want to start something new at that moment.

3) Research something new:Whether that’s a new craft project or starting a new book. You may end up with a new creative outlet. I’m really interested in tarot cards at the minute so when I have time I like to go through my books and make notes. It’s a really chilled way to spend an hour in the evening. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, you might be surprised.

4) Doodle : It doesn’t matter whether you draw a full portrait or a stick man, just doodling will get your brain working and is really therapeutic. You could even just start off by blending watercolour paints together and create colour schemes you like.

5) Write: If you’re not much of an artist you could write things down instead. Random sentences that pop into your head, describe how you’re feeling, describe the weather, your favourite memory even. The possibilities are endless! It’s also a fab excuse to buy new notebooks!

Pearl Lowe Vintage craft
Pearl Lowes Vintage Craft

6) Read: Pick up that book that’s been sitting on your bookshelf for ages and start reading. It doesn’t matter if it’s fact or fiction. If you want to learn a new craft I really recommend The Works for books. They have some brilliant books at really reasonable prices.

7) Take lots of photo’s: Take photo’s of anything you like the look of. The sunset, random patterns, pretty buildings. Anything that inspires you, you might be able to use them later.

8) Pinterest : Pinterest is my favourite website ever. You can find all the inspiration you’ll ever need and really helpful tutorials and cute projects to try. Be warned though, once you start its difficult to stop!

9) YouTube: Just like Pinterest, YouTube is an amazing platform to find tutorials and idea’s. One of my favourite creative YouTubers is Hermione Chantel, her DIY’s and her home décor videos are beautiful

10) Scrapbook: I love adding things to my scrapbook. It’s a fab way to create mood boards and project ideas. You can add anything you want to it, and it doesn’t have to be neat!

I could list so many more idea’s on here, but I thought I’d just do 10 for now. How do you guys stay creative in your everyday lives? Let me know in the comments.

The best thing about creativity is that it means different things to different people. Like my friend Natalie told me that to her, being creative means trying out different make up looks. Creativity is unique and beautiful, and I think we could all do with a little more in our lives! For now thought I’m just going to leave a quote from my friend Dave

“Cease not to find inspiration but make your own, simply do creative stuff and you’ll stay creative. It’s only ever hard when you stop”

Laura xx

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