Hi Strangers!

Long time no see!

I’m back finally after what feels like forever!

I know it’s been 6 months plus since I’ve posted or even acknowledged my blogs existence. My original plan was to have everything up and running again in January, but I had some trouble switching over to a new host, (I say I had trouble, but we all know that Dan is the tech guy behind the blog). The content wouldn’t switch over and then everything had to be re-done and lots of other technical bits I didn’t understand. You’ll probably notice that a lot of images are missing, we’re still working on that and I need to tweak a few things with my follow buttons and bits. But I can finally post again!

So what’s new? A few things but nothing major. I’ve updated my about me page, and I’ve set up a new Instagram page for my blog related content. I’ve been incredibly lazy and just clicked follow all from my contacts so I have no idea who I’m following at the moment, but if you click the Instagram icon in my sidebar you can follow me and I’ll follow back. 🙂

As for future plans for my blog, I’m making a few changes. I want to focus more on collaborating with other bloggers and get more involved in the blogger communities rather than just being one lone voice over here. I also want to focus more on mental health, creative posts, home décor/ DIY’s and books. I’m still a beauty and fashion lover, but I don’t want this to be an exclusive beauty blog. Lets face it, the internet is flooded and I’m no expert at all. I think that’s where I lost my way a little before, I felt like I had to constantly buy new beauty products etc to be a good blogger, but that isn’t where my strengths lie. I’ll still do beauty content every now and again, maybe twice a month or so. But my passion is books, life and creative projects. I also want to do a few more diet/ food and, don’t fall over in shock, fitness posts. So I guess I fit into the “lifestyle” category now?

I’m going to do a full life update post soon, and book review Sunday’s will 100% be continuing. I think I have 100 books on my list to review so I might do a few extra’s. But if anybody has any idea’s or post suggestions please tweet/ email/ Instagram me!

After that long ramble, I’m going to do some more post planning! Thanks to everyone who stuck with me, and I am so excited to be back.

Laura x

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