A Trip To Maastricht & Andre Rieu

I have an exciting post for you today!

On the 12th my Dad and I set off on an adventure to Maastricht to go and see Andre Rieu in concert. If you don’t know who Andre Rieu and his orchestra are, YouTube them, they are amazing. If you like classical music (or even if you don’t) I think you’ll really like them. Also I apologise in advance for the lack of pictures/ videos in this post, we were out most of the time and my phone’s battery life is really bad so I didn’t manage to take many. Most of these are stolen from my dad!

I’ve loved Andre Rieu for years, and it’s always been mine and my dads “thing”, so he surprised me with tickets for Christmas, which was amazing.  So on the 12th off we went! We were catching the Eurostar so we travelled to London the day before and stayed overnight.

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So the next day we were up early and off to Brussels where we were staying (it’s only an hour and a half away from Maastricht). The Eurostar actually only took about 3 hours so we arrived about 2pm. We ended up going exploring and finding some really nice bars and places to eat, and also ended up totally lost trying to find our way back to the hotel.  But we did see some beautiful places so it was worth it.

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I can’t remember the name of this beer but it was cherry flavoured and tasted amazing. I originally asked for fruit cider, and the bartender looked super confused, and suggested this instead. Also how beautiful are these buildings? I’m not going to lie Brussels does have a few rough parts which made me a little nervous walking around, but the centre was stunning.

The day of the concert we were up early and managed to squeeze in a trip to the Brussels chocolate museum before catching the coach. This was pretty cool, and we also got a demonstration on how they make their filled chocolates.


We got into Maastricht about 3pm and had a stroll around. Maastricht is a beautiful city, and there was all sorts of little side streets and places to explore. We ended up having dinner in the square, which was nice except it was pouring with rain so we had to keep diving into random shops.

The concert was amazing! It was literally like nothing I’d ever seen, and the atmosphere was so different to being in one of the UK arenas. My personal favourite was the finale with “O’Fortuna” and for some reason which I still can’t work out David Hasselhoff turned up! WordPress is being an arse and won’t let me upload the footage, but head over to my Instagram to see some of the videos and a few of my selfies with the cast members. 🙂


On the last day we managed a quick trip to stock up on Belgium chocolates then it was off home!


I’ve tried to keep this post pretty short, to avoid rambling on for ages, but it was an amazing experience! I hope you guys have enjoyed this little snapshot into my holiday! Let me know if you’re going away anywhere this year.

Laura x


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