5 YouTubers I’m Currently Loving

Happy Monday, hope you’re all well!

Like many people I’m a huge fan of YouTube. It’s my go to for checking out whether a certain product is worth buying, how to do a certain craft, or even just to see what people have been buying that month.  There’s a few channels I’ve been religiously watching lately, so I thought I’d share them with you.  (Just click on their channel name)

Hermione Chantel

I found Hermione’s channel a few weeks ago and I’ve been binge watching her videos since. She’s does DIY, organisation and home décor. I find her channel really inspiring, and I’m looking forward to trying some of her DIY’s at some point. One to check out if you’re into crafts and home décor on a budget!

Vicky Mouse

I stumbled upon Vicky’s channel by accident when I’d just left YouTube to run one day, and I’m so glad I did. Vicky mainly makes craft and budget store (such as Poundland etc) haul videos. I love that she can find little bits and bob’s in the pound shop and turn them into beautiful home décor pieces, and I’m also super jealous of how she finds such good bargains. She’s also a really lovely lady, so pop over and say hi!


If you want make up brand reviews which are honest, Steph’s channel is for you. She’s really down to earth, funny, and always gives her honest opinion on brands, which is great if you’re like me and want to see what a product is like before you buy. She also does some fab tutorials, and her contour always looks flawless. Which I am very jealous of.

Mrs Stationary And Stuff

I found Laura’s channel via Vicky’s. Laura also films craft video’s and craft hauls, which I love and again I get quite jealous that she manages to find such lovely things. I also really enjoy Laura’s plan with me videos. They inspire me to do more with my own planner, and her spreads are so creative and pretty.

Just Jodes

Jones’s channel is so upbeat and refreshing. She’s mainly a beauty based channel (she does vlog too so check those out) and films various hauls, testing videos, and beauty challenges. My favourites are the testing make up videos, especially the drugstore ones. It encourages me to buy brands I never would have thought of buying. She’s also from Doncaster like me which is pretty cool.

That’s my favourite YouTubers for this month, let me know who yours are in the comments, or if you have a YouTube channel leave the link and I’ll check it out.

Have a great week guys.

Laura x



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