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I’ve been a little bit addicted to Pinterest lately, especially office décor! Dan and I recently moved into our first house together back in January, and 6 months later we’re still doing little bits to it and sorting things out. I didn’t realise that making a house into a home would be such an ongoing project but here we are!

The room I’m most excited about is the spare bedroom, which we’re turning into an office space. I’ve never had a workspace of my own before, I’ve always worked at a desk in my room. At the moment we have a desk and some bookshelves in there, but it’s become a bit of a junk room, so I’ve been browsing Pinterest for inspiration and I’ve found some beautiful rooms I want to share with you.

(I do not own any of these images, they were found on Pinterest. All credit goes to the original owner)


Storage heaven! I love how fresh and crisp this décor is. Currently I have a jumble of all softs of craft items, which are here, there and everywhere, so something like this would be perfect to store them all.


His and her desk of dreams! In reality this would never work. Dan is super neat, whereas I like to get everything out, spread it all over the desk and leave it there for a few days “just in case I need to use it again”. I love the metal pin board and the shelves on this though, and I think there would look really nice on our walls.


This desk would probably be too small for me, but if you have limited space, it would probably be perfect. I love the pin board on this, and it looks like it would be pretty easy to make one with a fancy frame. Also loving the desk chair on this one.


Organisation goals! The colour theme with this set up is beautiful. I actually have a white bookcase like this, but its full of multi-coloured random stuff and nowhere near as pretty.


This wall storage is a brilliant idea, and would be perfect for storing all my drawing pencils and keeping my desk clutter free. The little metal letter rack is really pretty too, I’m so bad for having documents all over my desk, so I need one of these in my life.


My desk at the minute is a plain white one from Ikea, but I need something like this I think, again for the extra storage for all my random bits. I really like the contrast of the straw wicker baskets and the white too.  Kind of feeling like I need that wall art in my life too.

b959c351b3beccfeae1efecc3a1d7015The crafting desk of dreams! It’s a bit ambitious space wise for my spare room, but imagine all the stuff you could hide in there. I’d probably even be able to hide myself in there.


This little storage trolly is a brilliant idea, especially up you want to make your storage more of a feature. It’s really cute and quirky and I’m going to keep my eye out for one of these.


This is amazing! I think this would pretty much be the perfect storage solution for me.  This is on my DIY to do list, and when I get round to making it, I’ll do a blog post on it.

And that’s my office inspiration/ wish list. I have lots more photo’s over on my Pinterest (click on the icon in the side bar to see!). I honestly can’t wait to get my office finished, and seeing all these beautiful spaces, has given me a kick up the bum to start on my own. Do you guys have an office space? Let me know what your perfect office would look like, and if you’re a crafter like me.

Have a great week!

Laura x

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