Improving My Blog.

Hey strangers!

So, shit blogger syndrome strikess again. I could do all the usual excuses of life being busy etc, which is true, but also I’ve been unorganised and uninspired to be honest. As usual, the longer I leave it, the harder it’s been to get back into it. What do you post about after you haven’t posted for a years?

I’ve been chatting to my bestie Abbie about this (find her here and give her a follow!) and she suggested giving my blog a bit of an update. So, a new layout narrow the categories, and basically just give my blog a bit of a clean up.  I have a couple of posts planned out, idea’s for a series of themed posts. Basically I’ve had all these idea’s and just haven’t gotten found to doing them. I’ve been unorganised and unmotivated which is really bad of me, because I do love blogging, I’ve just lost my way a bit.

So this is a post to let you know, I’m still here, I haven’t given up! I’m just trying to sort some kind of blogging routine in my life. Thanks for sticking with me.

Laura x

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