Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath Review

Hi guys, welcome back!

I hope you’ve all had a fab start to your bank holiday weekend. I’ve not done a beauty review in so long, and I’ve recently bought a few bits, so I think I’m going to do a few over the next few weeks, starting with the Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath.

I spotted this on the Superdrug website when I was browsing, and for only £7 I thought it was worth giving ago. I’m super lazy and hate cleaning my brushes, so I was hoping this might make it a bit easier and encourage me to do it more often.

Freedom Pro Studio Brush BathFreedom Pro Studio Brush Bath

I was really surprised when I opened this by the amount of product you get. The tub is huge! The packaging is nothing special, but who needs fancy packaging for cleaning your brushes? This also smells amazing. Some brush cleaners I’ve used have a really chemically smell, which lingers on your brushes, but this one smells like apples.  Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath

So here’s a before of some of my brushes. They’re pretty dirty, and have a build up of product on them. The worse one is definitely the brush I use to apply liquid foundation, so I didn’t really have high hopes for that one.

Freedom Pro Studio Brush Bath

And here’s an after shot. I’m so impressed with this brush cleaner! Bar a few stubborn foundation stains, which I’m pretty sure have just become part of the brush, every brush is clean. It was really easy to use, just swirl the brush in the soap, swirl on your hand then rinse well. Cleaning the brushes didn’t really use up much product either which I’m surprised about, so I think this will last me a long time. At £7 this is a steal, and a brilliant way to clean your brushes, if like me you hate doing it.

The only thing is that some of my eye brushes are a little out of shape now. But to be honest I think that’s probably my fault for swirling them a little enthusiastically.

Let me know if you’ve tried the Freedom Brush Bath, or if you’re planning to!

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