Go Ape Adventure

A bit of a random one for you today.

On Saturday, Dan and I went to Go Ape in Sherwood Pines. I bought him a gift voucher for his birthday back in January for two people to go on the Go Ape Treetop Adventure. I thought he’d pick one of his more adventurous friends, rather then me (which I was secretly glad about). So you can imagine my reaction when he said “when shall we book to go?” I asked quite a few times leading up to it if he was sure he wanted to take me with him, and much to my dismay he kept saying yes. I found out later this was because he thought I’d be rubbish so he wouldn’t look bad if he was rubbish too.

So 1st of April rolled around and off we went to Go Ape. I’m not going to lie, I was scared. It’s not the heights that bother me, more the falling off and embarrassing myself. Plus I’m not really the most active of people either.  When we go there we were given a safety briefing, asked to sign a contract agreeing to the terms, fitted for harnesses and shown how to use the equipment on the ground.

Then we went to a mini version of the course, which was about 2 feet off the ground to have  a practise. Then we were let loose. The first obstacle was terrifying, you had to climb up a really swingy rope ladder, shimmy across a wire, swing Tarzan style into a net, climb the net then zip wire to the ground. My legs felt like jelly, and the only thing that made me climb that rope ladder and shimmy the wire was pride and stubbornness. But I must admit, after the first obstacle it all seems a lot easier, once you trust the equipment and as long as you clip everything on properly, you’re all good. Surprisingly I actually really enjoyed it, towards the end we felt proper rambo! So here’s a few pictures from our adventure. The videos won’t load properly on here, so if you want to see Dan sliding on his arse, head over to my Instagram!

20170404_171538 20170404_171510 img_20170401_172747_054 20170404_171448 20170404_171129

Overall, Go Ape surprised me. I thought it would be really scary and you’d have all these people looking at you making a tit of yourself. But actually it’s really fun, because you go around on your own, there’s no pressure. I think we’ve caught the bug now and will be going to another!

If you’re planning a Go Ape trip, I’d advise you take some gloves with you as your hands get cold touching the wires and supports. Also make sure you take some change for parking, wrap up warm and don’t be too frightened to give it all a go.

Let me know if you’ve been to Go Ape and how you found it.



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