Battling Bloggers Block

Blogger block is the worst!

I’ve been wanting to blog for a few weeks, but every time I sit down at my laptop,  my mind goes blank. So then I think,  I’ll do it tomorrow and the same thing happens. Then before I’ve realised it 5 weeks have passed. So then I worry about whether or not its been too long to blog again, and it ends up being this cycle of having every intention to blog and not blogging.

I did actually sit and write a huge blog post a while back on a personal, sensitive topic, but I’m not too sure if I was ready to publish it, so that’s on a back burner for now.

So, what to blog about? To be honest I’ve been pretty boring recently. We’re still in the process of sorting the house out between work.  I haven’t bought any new make up recently for a any haul/ review posts. I’m still sorting out my office space, so no craft posts at the minute, and as for book review Sundays go, I’ve been re-reading old books. I have read a few new ones over the weekend, so I’m going to start reviewing again on Sunday.

So yeah, blogging has been shit. I was planning to start again over the weekend, but I had some rubbish news on Friday so I decided to leave it. But now its Monday, so new week and new start 🙂

Do you guys have any tips for battling bloggers block? Where do you find your inspiration?

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