Book Review Sunday : Behind Closed Doors By Kathryn Croft

Welcome back to book review Sunday!

Today’s book is an author I’ve reviewed before and recently got back into Kathryn Croft (See reviews for The girl with no past and The stranger within) . I always enjoy Kathryn Croft’s books and this one was no different.

“Every decision has a consequence… Trying to pick up the pieces after the break-up of her marriage, Olivia Taylor begins to rebuild her life with her nine-year-old daughter, Ellie. But she soon finds out there is far worse to come. Meeting her new neighbour, Michael Crossman, sets in motion a chain of events with horrifying consequences, and Olivia must fight to hold her life together. Because sometimes dreams can turn to nightmares.”(blurb taken from Amazon)

Firstly I really liked the way this book was set out. The first paragraph of every chapter is the present day, then the rest of the chapter is the past. This confused me a little at first, but when I actually realised what was going on it was pretty easy to follow.  You see everything in first person from Olivia’s point of view. I also found it really interesting how she  never refers to her neighbour by his name it’s always “you” which gives the sense she is speaking directly to him or writing him a letter or some sort. The book follows Olivia and Michael’s relationship over the course of a few years, and her relationship with her daughter Ellie, ex husband carl and Michael’s sister Chloe.  A key theme throughout the book is emotional abuse within relationships and how it effects all these people.

I really enjoyed this book, I read it in a day pretty much, it was so gripping. Kathryn does an amazing job of creating tension and suspense. There’s a brilliant twist at the end of the book which I didn’t see coming at all.

I’d highly recommend checking out this book if you like thrillers, it’s a little dark, but it fits in brilliantly.

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