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This might turn into a very long post!

As you guys know, I’m really passionate about small businesses, especially handmade crafts, as I was one myself. I really wanted to do a Christmas gift ideas on my blog since I didn’t do one last year, and I thought it would be a great idea to feature handmade items and small businesses. There’s something so special about buying from a small business and having something made especially for you or somebody else. So I asked the Facebook group I’m a member of to share their pages with me, and the comments section has been filled up with some beautiful makes. I really wish I could feature everyone but I’d probably still be here until next Christmas writing if I did! (All links to pages will be in the titles)

Funky Punk Jewellery

Credit@ Funky Punk Jewellery

Funky Punk Jewellery is a quirky jewellery brand which features lots of unique pieces, all handmade and all affordable. My personal favourite is this moon and Gemstone necklace (only £5!). These would make great stocking fillers!

Penny Rose Designs

Credit: Penny Rose Designs

How magical are these lanterns? There’s a wide range of designs on here, from fairy lanterns, to harry potter themes, to quotes, so you could find something to suit everybody. This one is my personal favourite (£13) and would look so lovely on a fireplace!

Crafty Creations By Cassie

Credit: Crafty Creations By Cassie

This pages make’s quite a lot of items including baubles, wooden decorations and frames. I really like this one as it’s a lovely way to remember a loved one, and would make a really lovely present for somebody who may have lost somebody they care about.

Happy Crafts

Credit : Happy Crafts

Again a mix of products on this page including frames, glasses and stationary. Obviously my favourite product was going to be this button coaster set! (£10 for the set). This would make a great gift for somebody who loves quirky, shabby chic style items. The last order date for Christmas delivery is Sunday the 11th.

The Beagles Bakery

Credit: The Beagle’s Bakery

Dog’s are amazing. They’re loyal, cuddly, slobbery and can cheer you up even if you’ve had the worst day. So they should get Christmas presents too right? The Beagles Bakery has lots of goodies for pets, if you want to spoil your pooch this Christmas!

SBurns Artwork

Credit: SBurns Artwork

I’ve seen Shannon’s artwork pop up in my news feed from time to time, and every single time it just blows me away how talented this lady is. Her artwork is stunning and would make a perfect joint gift for a couple, or for an animal lover. She has originals and print available to buy on her page.

The Crafty Wee Hens

Credit: The Crafty Wee Hens

I love the name of this company! The Crafty Wee Hens sell handmade homeware items. I’m in love with this stag cushion. I need this in my life.

Vickys Glowing Creations

Credit: Vickys Glowing Creations

I know I’ve included something similar but I couldn’t not mention these. They are stunning! I particularly like the uncle frame, as it’s really unusual and uncles are so hard to buy for! The last day for postal orders is Friday so you need to be quick!

Charlotte Alexandria

Credit: Charlotte Alexandria

There’s lots of lovely gifts on this page, but I’m loving the pamper sets! In this set you get a sugar scrub, a bath salt, a lip butter and a lip scrub. There’s mint chocolate, honey, almond and vanilla and chocolate orange. These are all handmade and cost £24. Perfect for a beauty lover.


Credit: SoaPerfect

Speaking of pampering, how pretty are these unicorn sparkle bath bombs from SoaPerfect? There’s lots a choice on their page and this gift would be a perfect gift for the lady in your life.

Daisy Chain Art Uk

Credit: Daisy Chain Art Uk

If you want a really special gift for a baby, an illustration from Daisy Chain Art would be perfect. There’s a wide range of styles to choose from and they can al be personalised.

Gifts To Receive

Credit: Gifts To Receive

Lots of lovely homeware items on this page. I think this cushion/ book holder is a fab idea, especially for young children!

Forever & Always

Credit: Forever & Always

There’s some beautiful handcrafted items on this page, wood burnt items on this page. Personally I love the wooden spoons and egg cups. Worth checking out if you want something unique and personalised.

These are just a few of my favourites, I wish I could have featured everyone as there is some fantastic talent on the group (craft, craft and more craft on Facebook if you want to join) Please support handmade this Christmas 🙂 Also if you know of any hidden handmade gems, or you run a small business, please feel free to leave the link in the comments!

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