Reasons Why I’m A Shit Blogger

Hands up fellow bloggers who feel that they’re a bit shit sometimes, and put themselves under massive pressure to produce content all the time? That’s me right now.

I’ve neglected my blog for a few weeks, and I’ve not even put up my book review Sunday’s which I’m normally pretty good at.  So while instead of just putting up a random post, with “sorry I haven’t blogged in a while!” up, I thought I’d not make any excuses and just tell you why I’m a shit blogger sometimes.

  1. Writers block : This is the worst, as any blogger, writer, YouTuber knows! Sometimes I’m super stuck on idea’s. Then I put myself under pressure, make loads of lists full of topics that I’m not that keen on, then not feel like blogging because I don’t like the idea’s. It’s a vicious circle.
  2. I’m scared of commitment : I just can’t commit to a schedule. (Other than book reviews on a Sunday) I plan things out like : Monday is for beauty, Wednesday is for rants, Friday is for food, Sunday is for books. Then I think but I’ve just got this new product and I really want to post about it now but it’s Wednesday, and the whole thing goes out the window and my post’s just end up mismatched.
  3. Sometimes I’m busy : I have plans and life gets in the way, so sometimes I forget to blog
  4. And sometimes I can’t be arsed : I’m an adult, I have a full time job which can sometimes be quite mentally draining, so when I get home I can’t always be bothered to blog. It’s actually quite a lot of effort to blog, especially if you’re blogging beauty products, making sure all the photo’s are right and you have swatches etc and don’t even get me started on making YouTube videos.

I put myself under too much pressure sometimes and forget that blogging is actually just a hobby for me. It’s not my job, so in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter if I take a break once in a while. Fellow bloggers, if you feel like this too sometimes, let me know! Also let me know any other reasons why you might be a shit blogger sometimes, just so I know I’m not on my own!

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