10 Beauty Things I Fail At

Hi Guys!

If you’ve followed my blog for a while or any of my social media, you’ll know I love all things beauty.  One of my favourite pass times is curling up with a cuppa and watching various beauty videos on YouTube. I’m quite jealous (in a nice way) of some of these girls on there, their make up skills are mad, and they’re probably the types who are very commented to beauty and have crazy everyday beauty routines. Anyway long story short, it started me thinking, about all the beauty things I’m actually pretty rubbish at, and I thought it would be a fun post. Also guys feel free to start this into a tag and post this on your blogs (and tag your friends!) and leave me a link. I’m going to nominate my friend Abbie at Abbienicolex to do this post too! Don’t forget to let me know what beauty things you fail at!

  1. .#WakeUpAndMakeUp : My friend Natalie is so dedicated to make up, and always looks made up and together even on days when she’s working. I wish I was as dedicated as Natalie and went for contour and highlight and all that jazz every day. But I’m lazy, so my everyday make up routine is literally concealer, powder mascara. If I’m feeling fancy I might put some blush on. Maybe.
  2. Shaving my legs : Again I’m lazy. This happens once a week, maybe twice if I’m going out (and even then its not certain)
  3. Moisturising my body : I need to do this a lot more! But I hate the feel of sticky greasy body lotion so I try to avoid it. And I’m also too lazy.
  4. Liquid liner : Who are these girls who get their winged liner so sharp? How do you do it? Are you wizards? I’ve gotten better, but even now I have to use tape to avoid looking like a panda
  5. False lashes : One goes right, the other goes wonky. EVERY DAMN TIME. Then they fall off at really inconvenient times, and I always forget to take my glue with me, so I pull them off and end up with patchy eyeliner. I’ve given up with false lashes for now.
  6. Contour : I’m not too bad at this. I add a little bit of bronzer under my cheek bones, but I’m really not brave enough to go full on razor sharp cheek bones. I don’t think big brown stripes would go well with my ghostly complexion
  7. Eyebrows : Benefit Gimme Brow is my saviour. I just can’t get to grips with actually drawing my brows on without looking like Mr Bean. And my eyebrows grow super fast, I can literally go from on fleek to monobrow overnight. Does anybody else feel my pain with this?
  8. A night time skincare routine : I always do my skin care in a morning without fail. At night time, I kind of forget. Whoops
  9. Taking my make up off : Mostly after a night out. I always stuff my face with the end of the night pizza, and fall into bed. Then wake up a scary smudged mess in the morning
  10. Taking all the good selfies : I see so many girls on Instagram who have their selfies on point. Seriously they are flawless. I have take about 500 to find an angle where it looks like I only have one chin, my under eye bags aren’t on show and I don’t look like a pouting Miss Piggy.

And that’s my list! I hope this has given you a giggle. Let me know if you decide to do this idea, and let me know what your fails are!


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