My First Time?!

No it’s not what you think!

My first time is a tag that my beautiful friend Abbie, over at tagged me to do. The tag basically takes you through a few of my “Firsts” . This is probably going to be both fun and a bit cringe, so hopefully this will give you a few laughs at my expense!

  1. My first tweet : Well this is hella awkward, just what I wanted to see on my first question. This was my first tweet ever, I’m surprised its only 2012, I thought I joined twitter earlier. I still follow Simon Cowell!screenshot_2016-10-13-14-04-05-1
  2. First YouTube video: This wasn’t my first video ever, I actually did some a few years ago with my first blog, but they all got deleted because they were such bad quality, so here’s my first YouTube video with this blog. The video was my friend Natalie’s idea and the idea behind it was to take off all your make up off and talk about your insecurities.


  3. First person you subscribed to on YouTube?  : I honestly can’t remember, I joined YouTube years and years ago, but it was probably some kind of beauty channel.
  4. First Facebook profile picture: This is hilarious, it was taken on my friends webcam when I was 17. My hair was super dark and I’m wearing Primark sunglasses clearly thinking I’m too cool for school.  1931000_58816990080_8071_n
  5. Do you still talk to your first love: My first “love” was a guy called Tom who I met in school when I was 16, in the end we broke up when I went to university, I’ve spoke to him a little since, but not recently.
  6. What was your first alcoholic drink : Probably some kind of Alcohol pop, or cheap cider that I drunk in a field somewhere with my friends
  7. What was your first job? : I worked in a timber yard when I was 16 would you believe?!
  8. What was your first car? I passed my test in February this year and got my first car in May, it’s a Toyota Aygo Fire.
  9. Who was the first person to text you today : I haven’t had any texts today, but my first WhatsApp message was from my best friend Ben who lives in Canada at 00:47
  10. Who was the first person you thought of this morning : My friend Ben because I was reading his message
  11. Who was your first teacher : I pretty sure it was either a Mrs Wright or a Mrs Tidball
  12. Where did you go on your first aeroplane ride? : Disney land with my family, I remember it made my ears really hurt!
  13. Who was your first best friend and do you still talk : My best friend in primary school was a girl called Danielle, we drifted apart as you do in secondary school, but we still say hi sometimes
  14. Where was your first sleepover? : I’m pretty sure it was at my cousin Jenny’s house
  15. What is the first thing you do in a morning : If I’m not working then I make a brew and catch up on social media, if I’m working I run around like a mad woman to try and get ready on time
  16. What was the first concert you went to : I hate to say this because of the Ian Watkins situation but it was a Lost Prophets with my best friend Danielle
  17. First broken bone : I broke my toe on a night out in March 2015, a girl accidently stood on me and put a stiletto heel through it. It took two months to repair and it’s still a mess to this day
  18. First piercing : My ear lobes, now I have several ear piercings and my nose pierced
  19. First country you’ve been to: France
  20. First film you remember seeing? : The lion king at the cinema with my Dad
  21. When was your first detention : In year 8 I think, I forgot my homework
  22. Who was your first roommate : My best friend Becca
  23. What is the first thing you do when you get home? : GET FOOD
  24. When was your first kiss : I think I was 14?
  25. Who did you first watch on YouTube : I honestly can’t remember, it was probably some kind of music video

And that’s my first’s! I nominate my friend Karen over at Confetti And Curves to answer these questions. I hope you guys have enjoyed this post, let me know what your first’s were!

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