Top 3 Blog Planners To Download For Free

One for my fellow blogger today!

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I’m terrible for organising my blog. I have a little notebook that I jot ideas down in, but it lacks any real organisation. So I decided to go on a hunt for a planner that I could use for everything, work, blog, life etc. But to be honest I feel pretty weird buying a new organiser in August. I don’t know if that’s just me, but I’d rather wait until the new year for a new planner.

So I thought I’d try and find something printable, and found some beautiful blog organisers that are completely free to download! So I thought I’d put a list together for my fellow bloggers. I found most of these on Pinterest (click on the icon to follow me)

The Designer Blogs Ultimate Planner Kit

The ultimate blog planner
Image Credit : Designer

This is the planner I decided to use, and I love it! It has every possible page you could need, from a post brainstorming to an advertising tracker. Also every page is a separate file so you can pick and choose which ones you want to print and how many copies you want. I love how sleek this design looks too!

PDX Bloggers Free Printable Planner

Credit : PDX Bloggers
Credit : PDX Bloggers

If you like colour in your life this ones for you! This one includes pretty much everything the above does, as well as a blogger collaboration work sheet, which will be really useful for anybody who likes to collaborate with other bloggers.

7 On A Shoe String Free Printable Planner

2016-Blog-Planner-graphic h
Credit : 7 On A Shoe String

I had to crop this down a little bit as the original picture was too long, but isn’t this pretty? I personally think it has a very shabby chic vibe about it. As well as the pages you see in the picture, this also comes with these other sheets ; giveaway, expenses, income, and a holidays.

These are my personal favourites, but if you keep an eye on my blog board on Pinterest I’ll keep adding blogging bits and bobs on there. Please let me know if you’ve found any other good planners and which one is your favourite!

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