I’m In A New Relationship….

…. With the beautiful Abbie Nicole!

No I haven’t dumped Dan, Abbie is my new collab buddy and we’ll be featuring on each others blogs once a month! A bit of background on mine and Abbies friendship : I originally started chatting to Abbie after seeing her amazingly inspiring post on anxiety (read it here, it’s so good!) We started chatting via our blogs, then Instagram. I just clicked with this girl, and realised it wasn’t just the fact we both struggle with anxiety we have in common. We are both make up junkies (girl has mad skills, check out her YouTube) and we’re going to start doing a few tags together too.

But to start of the collab, we thought we’d talk about what originally got us chatting, and ask each other questions about our experiences with anxiety, blogging about it and the positives that have come from that. This ties in really nicely with my people who inspire me series too, because this girl is a huge inspiration and it was her who gave me the courage to blog about my own experience. You can read my answers to Abbie’s questions over on her blog here


What inspired you to write about your anxiety?
I’d seen a lot of things posted over social media and read a lot of articles that glamourized mental illness and in the end I just had enough. I really wanted people to know what it was really like to have severe problems and that it isn’t something to be desired. I’d been struggling for a really long time and people didn’t know how bad it was. I feel like sometimes people think the worst anxiety can get it just having a few panic attacks and crying a lot. In reality it’s much different and I wanted people to know it can completely destroy lives.
How did people respond to it, and has that made any positive changes on your life?
I posted it as my first ever post to my blog at about 2am, by the time I woke up at 11am the next day it had over 200 shares and people were texting me and messaging me, it was crazy. Luckily all my friends and family responded in a really good way, everyone was really supported. After a week of having it up I had over 130,000 views on it and it was just all over social media, all over the world and everyone seemed to really like it. It did have a positive effect on my life, I love being able to help people and the fact all these people have read and are still reading my posts makes me really happy, I have found a lot of support and comfort in sharing my story with everyone. I know I am extremely lucky to have had the response I did, I feel really blessed. Of course there were a few nasty comments but nothing like that ever gets to me!
What coping mechanisms do you use when you’re getting stressed?
I actually find CBT, a type of therapy, really helpful. I have done it a few times before but it really is something you need to be in the right frame of mind to do. Now I have quite a few exercises I can practise from it and they do help. Meditation, yoga and exercise are also really helpful.
What’s your favourite confidence booster when you’re anxious?
When I do something that I was anxious about, something that gave me a panic attack but I managed to get through it anyway. That always gives me the most confidence, it feels like I can do anything after!
What are your anxiety goals for the future?
To be managing my panic attacks a lot better or be completely rid of them. Another goal is to never go back on medication. I can’t say ‘never’ but I know things would have to be back at the point where I can’t leave the house to do ANYTHING at all. I really believe anxiety and depression are both things you can tackle yourself, with support and with therapy.. I’ll continue to change my lifestyle, the way I look at things, my exercise levels and everything else until I find the right balance.
Will you continue to blog about your anxiety?
Yes. There is no question about it. Knowing that I have helped people and that I am asked for advice regularly makes me want to do it forever. I want to show people that you really CAN recover and fight your way back up from rock bottom, as that is where I was! The feeling of supporting others in their time of need is something you just can’t beat, I wouldn’t change it for the world!
Don’t forget to go and check out Abbie’s blog & don’t forget, if you are suffering or think you may be suffering from any mental illness, please don’t suffer in silence! There’s a lot of help available out there. The first step is the hardest, but you’re not alone.


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