Book Review Sundays : The Stranger Within by Katheryn Croft

Happy Sunday Guys,

Can you believe we’re actually in August now? Where is the year going? Although hopefully this means we’re going to get some lovely weather and I can read/ blog outside!

The book I’m reviewing today is another mystery/ thriller called “The Stranger Within” By Katheryn Croft. I’ve actually read a few of Crofts books and I’ve really enjoyed them, so expect to see more of this author in the next few weeks.

“Be careful what you wish for. On the surface, Callie Harwell has it all. Newly married to James, she finally gets the family she has longed for and becomes a mother to his two sons. So why is she arrested for murder? Things are not as Callie hoped they would be and she struggles to be accepted as part of James’ family, and to keep hidden the secrets that could destroy her future. As her life spirals out of control, setting in motion a chain of events with devastating consequences, Callie is forced to question how well we ever really know ourselves.” (Blurb taken from Amazon)

So the story starts with Callie being interviewed at the police station in relation to the murder of a teenage boy. The story then flashes back to the months leading up to that moment, mainly focusing on Callie’s mental health, and her struggles within her new family, especially with her step sons. What I enjoyed about this book was, even though we know Callie’s a murderer, the author makes it easy to like her (I know that sounds strange but if you read the book you’ll understand what I mean). We see the story from Callie’s point of view and how the relentless hate campaign from her stepsons pushes her to a breaking point. Although I will say, this book isn’t all it seems and there’s a fantastic twist at the end of it.

I really recommend this for fans of mystery drama’s, and I also like the fact that the author keeps it simple. Some books which have a lot of surprises in them can get really confusing, but this manages to surprise you without overloading your brain with information.

Let me know if any of you guys have read / plan on reading it!

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