A Subtle Change

Hi Guys!

Hope you’re all well 🙂 Today’s just a quick post as I’m home for a few days for work and I realised I have none of my new products with me to photograph or post about. So then I decided to google “Blog Post Idea’s” because I was having writers block, and one of them suggested doing a hair edit. I love that idea, but I don’t have all my hair care bits to photograph, so instead I thought I’d show you my new hair style 🙂

When I say new it’s not very dramatic, just a subtle change which has made my hair look so much better!

From a harsh ombre to a soft subtle balayage

From a harsh ombre to a subtle balayage. I originally loved my ombre hair, but over time it ended up going really blocky (is that even a word?) and didn’t blend together very well. So instead I opted for a balayage this time instead. (I cannot say that word out loud at all, please tell me I’m not the only one!)

“Balayage is a French hair colouring technique. It’s a freehand technique where the hair color is applied by hand sweeping for a more natural effect.

I absolutely love how this looks. It’s perfect for those of you who want a bit of colour in you’re hair (which I did) but don’t want the hassle of maintaining highlights, or if you don’t want to risk a harsh looking ombre.

Big thanks to Ryan over at Invictus Hair Salon in Kirk Sandall in Doncaster. I highly recommend this salon for those of you who are local. They were really friendly, professional and most importantly they listened to what I wanted doing with my hair.

Have any of you guys made any changes to your hair recently?


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