Book Review Sundays : No Kiss Goodbye by Jenelle Harris

Welcome back to another book review Sunday!

I’ve gotten a bit behind on these and I have so many books to review, so I think today is going to be a book blogging day (and the posts will be scheduled)! So first up I’m reviewing “No Kiss Goodbye” by Janelle Harris

“Kids change your life, they said. Things will never be the same again, they said. Isn’t it wonderful, they said. But no one knows what to say now. My husband wants to take the kids. My husband thinks the accident was my fault. My husband thinks I need help. But I think he wants rid of me.” (Blurb taken from Amazon)

This book really screws with your head! The main focus of this book is Laura, who wakes up in hospital following a car accident,  and how her struggle with memory loss impacts her life and those around her.  She believes that her husband is cheating on her and is stopping her seeing her children and there’s a conspiracy to get her out of the way, so he can move on with his life and “new girlfriend”. There are so many twists and turns in this book that it got a little confusing at time, and as you read from Laura’s point of view, it really does have you questioning if she’s mentally ill or if something really is going on. Even right at the end I still wasn’t sure. I was absolutely hooked on this though, I think I finished it within a few days. If you’re looking for something challenging with a lot of surprises, I think you’ll really enjoy this!

Have you read this book? Let me know what you think!

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