A Quick Update

So blogging has been all over the place these past few weeks.

I have had a regular book review Sunday post’s going up because I’ve scheduled them, but other then that I’ve had zero motivation to blog.  At the minute my granddad is very poorly, I’m not going to go into detail of why as it’s not my place to, but between visiting him in hospital and training for my new job, (yes I have a new job! I’ll explain more in another post). It’s left little time for blogging and to be honest I’ve not really wanted to.

Things seem to be settling down a little now so hopefully I’m going to get a few post’s up and scheduled, and I have a few videos I want to film too, as well as some craft projects to start.

Big thanks to all the people who keep returning to view, I’ll be back on it soon! Thanks for sticking with me guys!


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