My Sisters Secret By Tracy Buchanan

Welcome back to another book review Sunday!

Today I’m reviewing My Sisters Secret by Tracy Buchanan. (Blurb taken from

“Everything you’ve built your life on is a lie. Willow’s memories of her parents are sun-drenched and full of smiles, love and laughter. But a mysterious invitation to a photographic exhibition exposes a secret that’s been buried since a tragic accident years ago. Willow is forced to question everything she knew about Charity, her late mother, and Hope, the aunt she’s lived with since she was a child. How was the enigmatic photographer connected to Willow’s parents? Why will Hope not break her silence? Willow cannot move forward in her life without answers. But who can she really trust? Because no one has been telling the truth for a very long time.”

I really enjoyed this book, it was quite an easy read and really enjoyable. A few of the plots I kind of guessed, but others were a total surprise! I love books that keep you guessing and this one really does that.  I also really liked how the book sets up assumptions about certain characters, and then towards the end really makes you question what you originally believed about them. If you fancy reading a copy of this book you can find it here

This ones a bit of a short review, as I can’t really revel too much without revealing the plot. As always if you have any recommendations please feel free to share them!

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