36 Thoughts That Went Through My Head While Packing

So I’m going away to the lakes for a long weekend, and as always packing = stress and effort.

As my boyfriend will tell you I do not travel light at all, I like to be prepared for everything. The idea of getting some place and realising that I don’t have something I wanted is my worst nightmare (ok maybe no my worst but you get the drift). But I thought it would be a highly amusing blog post to jot down just a few of the thoughts that went through my head whist deciding what to pack.

  1. This time I will NOT over-pack. I will make a list of all essentials.
  2. On second thoughts a list is a lot of effort, I’ll plan in my head
  3. I’ll get the little things out of the way first- Toiletries
  4. Ok, this is simple. What do I use on a daily basis and what little samples and gifts sets can I use to save space.
  5. Mini shower gels, shampoo and conditioner and body lotions. That was easy.
  6. Onto skincare, I have some mini things.
  7. BUT what if my skin doesn’t like them and I break out while I’m away?! Better play it safe and take my full size, space consuming usual things.  So that’s cleansers, toner, day moisturiser, night moisturiser, make up remover, micellar water and eye cream. ALL ESSENTIAL.
  8. Also must put in tampons, just in case.
  9. Right make up, this should be easy, just my favourites and only my favourites.
  10. But I love all my make up.
  11. MUST BE STRICT. Let start in order of application.
  12. So that’s my favourite primer in the bag, its a start.
  13. Now will I need a foundation or a BB cream? Bugger it I’ll put both in
  14. 2 concealers and a powder. That was easy
  15. I knew that Rimmel contour, blush and highlight palette would come in handy. The space is saves me totally justifies the spending yet more money on make up.  And dan told me I didn’t need any more make up. Pfft.
  16. Favourite brow product, mascara and eyeliner in you go. Also tape to stop eyeliner going wonky.
  17. Staying strong and only putting one eyeshadow palette in my bag
  18. Winning at packing right now.
  19. Moving onto lipsticks….
  21. Ok, perhaps I better pack my clothes, then choose the lipsticks
  22. So that’s all my day time essentials in, plus waterproof jacket and walking boots.
  23. Should I take shorts? What’s the chance of it being hot enough to wear them?
  24. Ah I’ll throw them in, its not like they take up space.
  25. Also maybe a summery dress to show off my pale legs.
  26. Genuinely considered putting a bikini in my bag, then remembered I was staying in the UK not going abroad.
  27. Do I need heels? We’ll only be going out for a pub dinner.
  28. What if it’s a posh pub though?
  29. Nope no heels. Stop being silly you’re going to the lakes not clubbing.
  30. Better consult with my bestie to make sure I’m taking everything I need.
  31. Lipstick decision made. I’ll take a rose pink, a nude and a red.
  33. I give up, I can’t adult.
  34. Maybe I’ll just leave it until the morning before we go.
  35. Even though I’m going to be cursing past self when I’m running around and can’t find anything.
  36. Whose idea was it to go away anyway?

I hope that’s given you a giggle! I genuinely have this kind of conversation with myself every time I go away! Let me know what thoughts go through your head while you’re packing!

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