Book Review Sundays : Tall Poppies By Louise Bagshawe

Hi Guys!

Welcome back to my blog. I thought since I’m such a book worm and I have my nose in a book constantly ( and I read pretty quickly) I’d start a little feature on my blog called book review Sundays. Because let’s face it Sundays are all about chilling out and for me that means lots of cups of tea and reading.

So I thought I’d start off with one of my favourite authors Louise Bagshawe, who is the ultimate chic flick author and one of her books I’ve recently finished is Tall Poppies

“With her public school education, trust fund and castle for a family home, Elizabeth Savage has seemingly led a privileged life. But the one thing she really wants, the chance to prove herself in the world of work, is the one thing she can’t get. New Yorker Nina Roth, on the other hand, was born the wrong side of the tracks, and it’s sheer grit and determination that have made her the successful career woman she is. Set on making a better life for herself, she’s done what needed to be done. But has she gone one step too far? Two women from two different worlds, but these tall poppies have much more in common than they think. And, as both will find, the trouble with being a tall poppy is people will try and cut you down to size…”

(Blurb taken from Amazon)

One reason I loved this book is it was long! I love books you can really get into and spend a few days reading.  I love that the characters are likeable but also flawed, and sometimes bitchy. It’s a story of two women, who end up turning out friends after circumstances pitch them against each other. I love that this is a recurring theme in Louise’s books, that women should be empowering each other instead of bringing each other down and I think it’s a lesson we can all learn from.

This isn’t my favourite novel by Louise, but it’s worth a read if you’re looking for a girly beach book for the summer.

Have you ever read anything by this author? And also if you have any book suggestions as always let me know!

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