Copying Other Peoples Blogs, What’s The Big Deal?

A bit of a rant today


I posted this picture on my Instagram a few days ago and had a couple of comments from other bloggers saying that this had happened to them and I’m sure this will strike a cord with my fellow bloggers who read this. Perhaps some of you have even experienced this, and other people have taken your work without permission, or even given you credit.  Let me know in the comments if you have.

Personally this has never happened to me with me blog posts (that I know of anyway), but I have seen it happen to a popular motivational blogger, and as a blogger myself I’d personally be so angry. People might not realise it but blogging takes a lot of time, patience and planning (even though I occasionally just chuck a post together most of my posts are pre-planned and I write notes on them etc ) and to have somebody reposting your work claiming it as their own is demoralising and insulting.

Don’t get me wrong I know a lot of people will be inspired by other peoples posts, and it will motivate them to do their own. I’ve seen post’s before and thought they were really good and put my own twist on their idea, but I always make sure to say who has inspired my post and link back to their work. Inspiration is everywhere, and it’s how you use that inspiration that matters.

But word for word copying someone’s work and not even crediting or linking  back to them is out of order in my opinion. I know bloggers put their work online and it’s “out there” but it doesn’t mean that it’s fair game to anybody and everybody. Whether you copy the full post in a blog, or chop it up and put segments of it on Facebook, if you don’t credit the original author its plagiarism. I find it really sad that people are claiming to be writers, yet they have no respect for a fellow writers work.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this, and please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this is out of order?




2 thoughts on “Copying Other Peoples Blogs, What’s The Big Deal?

  1. Happened to me too some time ago. It made me really angry. Unfortunately there are people out there who have zero respect or consideration for other people. It’s sad really when people steal other people’s photos and blog posts because they can’t come up with anything. I hope one day these intellectual property thieves have the misfortune of stealing a licenced photo by getty images or the likes. That will be expensive!

    1. Its infuriating isn’t it, especially when people are taking credit and compliments for it! Ha I know, copyright claims aren’t cheap x

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