Make It With Me : Pretty Little Pin Board

Hi Guys,

I know it’s been ages since I’ve done a make it with me, but I had some free time the other weekend so I thought I’d share my latest make, this pretty pin board. I decided to make myself one of these as I’m always losing important bits or forgetting stuff and I’m trying to make it my mission to be a lot more organised in life this year.

So to start with you will need –

  • A plain cork board ( I bought mine from Wilkos)
  • Some wadding (try Ebay for this)
  • A glue or staple gun
  • Pretty fabric of your choice (around 3cm bigger than each side of the pin board)
  • Lace or ribbon of your choice
  • Pins

How to make a pin board


1) First you’ll need to cover your cork board with wadding, try and space it equally around the board. I didn’t glue mine down but you can if you need to
How to make a pin board
2) Next lay your fabric over the wadding carefully (don’t forget to iron the fabric first if it’s creased!). Make sure you have enough fabric to fold over to the back of the pin board.
How to make a pin board
3) Carefully flip the board over and glue or staple the fabric to the back of the pin board. I used a glue gun, which was very messy so a staple gun would probably be better. Watch your fingers!
How to make a pin board
4) Now you have a nice wadded board!
How to make a pin board How to make a pin board
5) Next measure where you want your lace or ribbon to go, and glue the ends to the back of the board. I chose this lace because I thought it looked really pretty against the blue.

How to make a pin board

6) After you’ve finished attaching your lace/ ribbon, you’ll need to pop some pins in whether they cross over to create little “pockets” to pop your things in.
And here is the finished board! You can also attach some ribbon or lace to the top to make a hook to hang the board, or you could have it standing up on your desk like I have. Because the board has wadding in you can also pin things onto it as well as putting them in the “pockets”.
I hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial, and let me know if you attempt this project!

4 thoughts on “Make It With Me : Pretty Little Pin Board

  1. Hello Laura!
    Call me stupid but I didn’t realise you had a new blog. I wondered why you hadn’t posted in so long!!
    Love this chair, hoping to try myself to.
    Soph x

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