A Little Life Update

Happy 1st of March! (already?!)

I’ve not blogged for a whole 12 days! I know I’ve gone a lot longer without blogging before, but I was aiming for 3/4 posts a week this year! Whoops!

Life has been hectic, and lots has been going on. First of all I’ve passed my driving test yay! That had been a long time coming, and something or other always got in the way (cancelled tests, broken toes etc) which is why it seemed to drag on and on. But thank god its finally over! I’m thinking of doing a post on my experience with driving lessons etc, so let me know if you want to see that.

Secondly my little business has been super busy so any free time I’ve had between work I’ve spent drawing. I have a new little collection of watercolour pieces out and I’m also taking custom orders too 🙂 Here’s a little preview of some pieces I’ve been working on and you can also view more of my work over at my Facebook page

So as for blogging I’ve got lots of pieces planned and coming up. I have a couple of craft projects, product reviews, idea’s for different looks and a couple of “real life” posts, one of which will be about people plagiarising others blogs which I’m sure will strike a cord with a lot of my fellow bloggers

I’m also doing a no spend month this month, which makes me sad but is good news for my bank account! And it also means that I’ll be going back to use up some older products and will be able to review them for you!

So that’s all from me today , I’ll see you guys soon!

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