The Estate Series By Mel Sherratt

I’ve not done a book post for ages!

So the other day after re-reading all the books on my kindle (all 86 of them, I do get through them!) I decided to have a browse through the kindle store and this series came up as recommended for me. The books were only £1.99 each (I bought them individually before I realised you could buy as a set, clever me!) so I thought I’d read the first and give them a go.

The Estates series is are not prequels or sequels to each other, but rather books that kind of intertwine and include characters from the other books, in a more cameo kind of way. The series is based on a fictional estate, and focuses on various characters, and the stories behind these characters and why the act the way they do. It’s very gritty and a little raw at times, but it’s also funny and heart-warming to see how everything turns out for these characters, even the ones you might not like so much at the beginning.

At first I thought this book would be full of “Jeremy Kyle” type stereotypes, but the more I read the more involved I become in the story and why these characters behave the way they do.

If you enjoy reading real life drama, then you’ll like this. There’s no kind of big mystery or anything like that, but the series is so interesting it will keep you turning the pages. I’ve read all 4 books and I’m a bit gutted that it’s over. If you fancy having a look at this series click here for the amazon site.

Let me know if you decide to check this out and if you have any author recommendations for me!

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