10 Ways To Uplift Your Mood

Hello lovely people

I’ve a naff couple of days, I’m pretty sure I have a tooth coming through or something (yes at my age!)  because my gums hurt like a bitch good ‘un, made worse by the fact I seem to be grinding my teeth in my sleep. So I’ve been a mardy arse very grumpy these past couple of days.  Obviously I had to do something to pull myself out of my crappy mood, and then I started thinking of all the things I like to do to uplift my mood a little, and being a blogger I thought “hey theres a blog post which will write itself” so here we are! So without anymore of my sad story, here are my top 10 ways to uplift your mood.

  1. Light your favourite candle : I love candles, and lighting one my favourite ones is an instant way to make me feel a bit happier. My current favourite is this one from  Cozy Glow  (I have reviewed these here)  Because how can you be grumpy when your room smells like bubblegum?Cozy Glow Bubblegum Candle
  2. Put on your favourite playlist : My favourite playlist on Spotify has a random mixture of Michael Jackson, Andre Rieu, John Parr, current chart hits and even a bit of Disney (go check out “Why should I worry by Billy Joel” on YouTube) Everyone of these songs makes me feel good. Currently listening to Aretha Franklin “Oh Happy Day”. Even if I can’t move my jaw to sing along.
  3. Make a cuppa : Or whatever your favourite beverage is. I love tea so much I even named my blog after a tea making appliance. There’s something really comforting about a lovely cup of tea, even better when somebody else makes it for you.
  4. Take some time away from social media : Step away from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Not that there’s anything wrong with these at all, it’s just sometimes all these notifications and statuses etc can get very overwhelming. Step away from it for half an hour, read a book, or maybe even have a snooze.
  5. Get some fresh air : Go for a walk, a jog or even sit out in the garden for a little bit. Fresh air always makes me feel a bit better, even if its just a walk down the canal where I live. It gives me time to think, gets me some exercise and is really calming
  6. Treat yourself :  Maybe you’ve seen a pretty dress you want online, or a lush new lipstick. Or even just treat yourself to your favourite snack and 10 minutes peace and quiet. Take some time just for you
  7. Dress up: I don’t mean go all out, but maybe put on some lipstick, or try out a new outfit. If you make a little extra effort you’ll feel amazing. Wearing lipstick always makes me feel a little more confident and put together. Lipstick = Happiness
  8. Have a look through some photo’s : I love having a scroll through my phone for ten minutes and looking at all my photos of Em and Evie, or nights out with friends, sometimes I don’t even mind looking at Dan’s face (Only kidding!) This is a particular favourite of mine from my birthday last year. Lot’s of my favourite people, all in one place 20151219_191247 (2)
  9. Talk to someone : If I ever feel a bit crappy I always end up messaging Dan or one of my friends, and they are the best at cheering me up.  Or I end up reading old conversations between us and end up laughing at how hilarious we are.  We should be on stage.
  10. Write things down : It’s amazing how therapeutic this can be. Write down what’s bugging you, or right down things that make you happy. I’m currently learning how to read tarot cards so sometimes when I’m feeling a bit down, I like to draw a couple and jot down what they mean to give me a bit of focus (I’m aware this isn’t everyone cup of tea, but it really interests me)

And that’s it, my top ten tips to uplift your mood. Let me know if you like to do anything like this, or even if you do something I don’t I’d love to hear it 🙂

Happy Valentines Day you lovely bunch!


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