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Hands up who loves candles and is totally guilty of buying too many? *Both hands going up* Candles are a weakness of mine, I absolutely love them and my room is covered in candles of all different scents and brands.

The brand Cozy Glow was recommended to me by a friend. They are an online store (find them here ) and sell candles in all kinds of different scents from jellybean to rose. I really struggled to pick what I wanted as they all sounded so nice, but in the end I narrowed it down to three quite different scents and here’s what I ended up with.

Cozy glow lemon & lime candle
Cozy Glow Lemon & Lime Candle £5

I love the smell of citrus so I decided to go for this lemon and lime scented candle. It smells amazing! It’s really uplifting and great to have burning in a morning.

Cozy Glow Bubblegum Candle
Cozy Glow Bubblegum Candle £5

This one is my favourite out of the three I ordered. It smells exactly like bubblegum and I love the colour of the candle too.

Cozy Glow Baby Powder Candle
Cozy Glow Baby Powder Candle £5

This one might seem like an odd choice, as anybody who knows me knows I’m not really a fan of babies or children, but this intrigued me so I had to order it. It smells so nice, really clean and relaxing (is relaxing even a smell?) I like to burn this one at night just before I get into bed.

So overall I’m really happy with my order. The candles all smell amazing and are all on sale at £5 right now. The postage cost me around £3 which was quite reasonable, they arrived quickly and packaged in lots of bubblewrap. I’d really recommend these candles if you like strong scents! Next on my list is : Blueberry Muffin,  Lavender and Pink Grapefruit.

Let me know if you decide to try these candles and what you get!

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