My Favourite YouTubers

Today I thought I’d give you a run down of my favourite YouTubers and why I love them!

I’m a big YouTube fan. I love watching other beauty junkies on there and  have my own channel (HINT- click the icon over there to see it!). I also have YouTubers who I love watching and watch them religiously whenever they upload, and since they are so fab, I thought I’d share them with you.

First up is my friend Natalie over at All Things Bach . Natalie and I were friends at university, but now we live quite far apart. Watching her videos always makes me smile and its just so lovely to hear her voice.  Also go and check out her blog here

Karen is my blogger buddy friend over at Confetti & Curves , and I was so pleased when she started a YouTube channel. I love watching Karen’s video’s as they are always so interesting and well put together. Also she has the loveliest accent ever! Check her out here

Another favourite YouTuber of mine is Jodie from JustJodes . I love her videos because they’re always so fun and energetic. She’s a comes across as a really lovely girl and I really like the fact she always responds to her comments. Find her channel over at JustJodes

Luce Stephenson is another favourite. I originally started watching Luce when I spotted a Benefit video of hers and I really look forward to her uploads now. I love how chatty her videos are, and I follow her and snapchat too. She’s a super lovely and you can check out her channel here

My last favourite is Leah over at LushLeah . I like following Leah’s channel, as I find it really interesting to see what “kids nowadays” (because I’m really old at 25) are up to in regards to beauty. I’ve seen a lot of teen beauty vloggers online, and some of them can come across a little bratty, but Leah seems really down to earth and I really enjoy her videos.  Check her out here

And that’s all the YouTube channels I’m loving at the moment, I watch loads of others as well as “big vloggers” such as Zoella etc, but I find smaller YouTubers so much more relatable. Let me know in the comments who your favourite YouTubers are and if you have a channel please link me to it!



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