You Know Those Things You’ve Always Wanted To Do….

You should go and do them…

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I saw this picture on Instagram the other day and I got me thinking, what is it I really want to do?  What’s stopping me? These kind of posts and memes, whilst they have good intentions they often make it sound so simple when in reality it’s anything but. I know that sounds really gloomy, which wasn’t my intention, but I feel like what they should really be saying is “what do you need to do to make it happen” which is a much more positive and realistic way of looking at things. For example if you want to go travelling you can’t simply just go ahead and do it, you need money and plans etc.

So I had a think what do I want to do (any old silly thing) and what’s stopping me? I thought this would be a cool little blog post to have a go at and maybe encourage you guys to do the same.

  •  I’d like to get into more creative things. The main thing stopping me with this is how little time I have. I work a job which is varied shifts, long shifts and very tiring, so when I finally do get some time off I want to sleep, catch up on blog writing etc. I think the key to this one would be to set some time aside each week to just do whatever I feel like doing.
  • I’d really like to tour Scotland. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen and I’d love to drive around and find really nice places to stay and walk the mountains. So what’s stopping me with this? I can’t drive yet, time off work and money. So I need to pass my driving test, save up and book some time off. Pretty simples really
  • Learning to drive is a big one this year! And all I need is my test date to stay the bloody same and not change!
  • Another big one is to make a house into a home. A very big and complicated step but it’s on the cards for this year. Get mortgage advice, get a mortgage and find our dream home. Easier said then done!
  • I’m really interested in spirituality, crystal healing etc, so I’d really like to learn more about it. Again in theory very easy to achieve but time is a big factor! I think I really need to make some time for reading and creative stuff and try not to be so busy with everything else.
So those are just a few things. It’s a pretty random mix but they were the first things to pop into my head when I saw that picture. What would yours be? How would you achieve them? Let me know!



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