A Trip To London

Hello, welcome back to my blog! I haven’t posted for a few days because Dan and I went to London for his birthday over the weekend. As a bit of fun I thought I’d make this little vlog of our trip. This isn’t a proper vlog, just the bits I remembered to film and mostly just us being silly. I hope you enjoy!

10 thoughts on “A Trip To London

  1. Great vlog huni 😀 Dan’s faces are hilarious haha – looks like you two had a great time!! So brave getting into that old elevator… I’m bad enough with modern ones let alone jittery 100 year old ones lol XXXX

    1. Haha he’s going to kill me when he sees it 😂😂 we did have a really good time. Shame about the cold wet weather though 😑 the elevator felt very great Gatsby! Xx

      1. LOL He hasn’t seen it yet??!?! Oooh deary me, I’m not sure you’ll be in his good books for this huni hehe Ahhh sure you know what our British weather is like, totally hit or miss – main thing is you’s had a laugh and spent time together 🙂 XX
        Ps: that’s exactly what I was thinking when I spotted the little cage style elevator doors – very art deco 😀

        1. He’s seen the clips on my phone but not the full videos. He should keep his face straight when I’m filming 😂😂 yeah it was really nice, although the crowds were slightly intimidating. Every time I let go of his hand I was like a child who has lost its mum in asda 😂😂

          1. lol Awwh bless him – he seems such a lovely guy & you too look such a cute couple 🙂 I have no idea how you cope with the crowds – honestly Laura I get so uptight in crowds it drains me sooo much 🙁 Hopefully you didn’t cut an circulation off with holding his hand too tight lol XXXX

          2. He’s alright I suppose 😂 nah I’m kidding he’s lovely. Don’t know how he puts up with me. Funny how when I used to live in London crowds never bothered me but now I’m like eww get away. 😂 he has both hands left don’t worry 😜 xxxz

          3. lol you’re a hoot misses!!! It’s cause you’re so darn lovely, that’s why 🙂 Did you enjoy living in London huni? I’ve heard mixed from different folk – I think I’d like to visit it but not sure if I’d survive living there – think I’m too much of a country/seaside gal at heart 😀 XXXX

          4. To be honest it wasn’t great but my circumstances were a lot different then. I didn’t really want to be there to be honest x

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