A Reflection On 2015 & Goals For 2016

Happy new year everyone! And welcome to my new website. I have my own .co.uk address, how exciting! This site was designed and set up for me by my better half  lovely other half Dan. Possibly the best Christmas present ever.  Thank you Dan 🙂 I think I’ve managed to transfer all my followers from my old www.polkadotteapotblog.wordpress.com profile, but if not there’s a little button on the side where you can click to follow. You can also follow all my social media in the buttons over there too. I’m toying with the idea of making my social media private but I’ll always accept a follow from you guys.

Onto the post, I thought I’d kick off the new year with a reflection on the past year and my goals for this year coming up. I thought if I put my goals on here then I have to get my arse into gear and complete them as I’ve just put them all over the internet.

What were my goals in 2015

  • Learn to drive – I’m kind of half way there with this. I started in January 2015 and broke my toe in March, which meant I couldn’t drive again until the end of May and kind of hand to start all over again. I decided to switch my instructor too. I was all ready for my test which was booked on the 4th of December and then all the driving examiners decided to go on strike which means I now have a new test booked for this year.
  • More exercise and better food – I kind of had burst of being exercise mad throughout the year and then a few months where I rarely did anything. However in regards to better food I’ve pretty much stuck to it, up until Christmas and have lost over a stone 🙂
  • Train for a different career – I’m proud of this one! I’m currently taking a distance learning course to become a teaching assistant, all paid for out of my own pocket which I’m hoping to complete in 2016
  • Save up and budget – Although I’m partial to the occasional frequent shopping spree, I have actually achieved this one!
  • Blog more – Again half and half, I had a point where I was posting up to 4 or 5 times a week but towards the end of the year I became lazy with it. Now I have this pretty new site though it’s a big motivation.
  • Write more- This is something I have actually done. I have a little book and every know and again I jot down paragraphs, short stories and any little ideas I have. It’s not something I want to be public, but who knows. One day I may actually write a full book.
  • Read more none fiction and learn things – I love to read so this wasn’t a challenge. I’m currently reading a couple of books on tarot cards, psychology and beauty. Watch this space for reviews.

In terms of my personal life 2015 was a mixed year. It started in a way which meant I had to think about a lot of things and had a lot of decisions to make about who to cut out of my life. The major low in my year was when I broke my toe. It sounds such a little thing but it impacted my life in a big way. Not only was I drugged up for about 2 months and had to have two operations, I couldn’t work which meant I struggled financially for a bit. In terms of mental health it didn’t really do me much good either, I was stuck in the house, lonely and felt really down because I had so much in life I wanted to get on with and I couldn’t. It honestly felt like it was never going to end ( I sound like such a drama queen!) Thankfully the year picked up a bit after that! Me and Dan celebrate being together a year, me and my lovely housemates from uni had a reunion which was the first time since we’d left uni that we’d all been in the same room together, I went to Scotland to visit family who I hadn’t seen in a few years, I met John Parr who I’m a huge fan of and my friend got married and had a beautiful little girl.  I also cleared the air with someone from my past who things were left in not a great way with. I owed this girl an apology for how rude I was to her and reading back on previous messages I was mortified with myself, it was like looking at a totally different person. Even though it was a few years ago I still felt like I needed to say something and it turned out fine, she was lovely about it.  It seems like a small thing but it really did feel like a huge weight off my shoulders and went a long way into making my life more positive. There’s a couple of people in 2016 that I’d like to clear the air with but I think in this instance its up to them to contact me.

So here’s a little peek at some of my favourite photo’s from the year.

Goals for 2016

  • Blogging – Plan more, better pictures and more videos. Do a “make it with me series” and a “recipe of the week series”. Keep on top of a blogging schedule
  • Pass my driving test
  • Loose a little bit of weight and exercise more (standard!)
  • Try some more beauty brands
  • Keep on top of my skincare routine and don’t get lazy
  • Complete my teaching assistant course
  • Move house

And there we go! That was a very therapeutic post to write! I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what your new goals are and if they are similar to mine! I hope you all have the best year. Lots of love xx

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  1. Ohhhhh my gosh your new blog is BEEEEEAUTIFUL chummy – I LOVE IT!!! Well done to your other half for designing such a pretty place for Polka Dot Tea Pot!!! Wishing you every success in your 2016 goals… oddly enough I have a very similar post going live tomorrow but mine is blogging goals instead 😀 hehe Hope you have a wonderful week ahead huni <3 Karen xxxxx

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