Obey Your Body Hand Perfection Nail Care Kit In Ocean

**since this post has been published Obey Your Body have been in touch to offer you guys a 20% discount code for the next three purchases! Just enter polkadot20 at the check out. This is not a sponsered post**
Hi guys! So this is the last review of 2015! And I love this product so it’s nice to end it on a high. I won’t be posting again until 2016 so I hope you all have a great new year. What are your plans? Let me know! Also in the new year I have a new blog design coming out and my very own hosting site! It’s still a work in progress thanks to Dan but it will be up very soon so I’ll leave the link as soon as it’s live! I’m hoping I can figure out a way to link this up to the new site so everybody gets redirected to it when they click on this blog and hopefully transfer all my followers.

So today I have a review for you from a brand called Obey Your Body, and this is their nail kit in Ocean. You might have seen this in my What I Got For My Birthday post, if not check it out 🙂 To be honest I’ve never heard of this brand before, and when I went shopping after my birthday I wasn’t actually looking for any nail stuff, I just kind of got pulled into a demo from a stand in Meadowhall called MICA Beauty who wanted to try this on my nails. At first I was sceptical, I’m very wary of being pushed into buying products but very terrible at saying no so I went and had the demo. I’m so glad I did because this have become one of my favourite nail care routines and has made a huge difference to my nails. I think this set was originally £50 but I bought it for £25 with a discount. I know that seems a lot of money to spend on a nail care kit but it costs me £12.50 just to get my nails done anyway so it will save me money in the long run.

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So this is the kit. Inside you get a set of instructions, a hand cream, a nail block (no idea what it’s called) a file and some cuticle cream. The only thing I feel is missing from this kit is a little tool to clean under your nails. If it had that it would be perfect!


So this first step is to use the thin white side to buff your nails, this helps to get rid of the dead skin and all the lines that go down your nails. I had loads of little lines running down my nails and always thought they were just there, turns out you can get rid of them! Second is the grey side which really helpfully has some instructions on the order in which to do it. This side kind of intensifies the first step and really scrubs at your nails to cleanse them. The third step is the large white side which polishes, and oh my gosh does this polish! I couldn’t believe how shiny and healthy my nails looked after doing this!

I really wish these pictures were better quality, but its so dark and dull today I couldn’t get the lighting right. But even with that you can still see the shine. That is just my natural nail, no polish or anything! The lady at the counter said these will last for 2 weeks, but considering the job I do where I do a lot of cleaning, hand sanitation etc I think I’ll have to do mine once a week.

The next step is the cuticle cream. This is perfect for softening the dry skin around your nails and I really love the rollerball tip which means its an easy application and you get just the right amount of product.

Final step is the hand cream. I’m very fussy about hand creams, I hate it when they have a clinical smell or leave your hands greasy and sticky, but this one is lush. Its a decent size bottle with a very fresh clean smell. I’d buy this again when I run out and I think I’m going to have a look on the website and see if they do a travel size.

So overall I am in love with this kit, since I’ve bought it everyone has wanted a manicure with it (even my dad, who is very proud of his new shiny nails) Personally I don’t think I would have paid £50 for it initially because I couldn’t have justified spending that amount of money on a nail kit but after seeing the results I think I would. It’s a great investment and will save me a lot on money getting my nails done in the long run. The only change I’d make to this is to add a little nail cleaning tool and then you’d have everything you need.

If anybody want’s to check out the website click here

If anybody has ever tried any thing else from this brand please let me know and have a great new year 🙂


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