What I’ve Learnt From Blogging This Year

So another new year is nearly here! I don’t know about you guys but I’m feeling that “oh crap where has the time gone feeling” as well as “yay a new year I can’t wait” kind of thing.

Today I thought I’d write a couple of things I’ve learnt from blogging this year. I know I’ve let things slide these past couple of months but I’m all sorted now and ready to do regular posts in the new year, and I thought this would be a good thing to kind of look back on. If you have anything you would like to add to this list please feel free to comment below!

1) It’s a great way to make friends – I’ve spoken to some lovely fellow bloggers on here and made some beaut new friends. One in particular is my blogger buddy Karen over at Confetti and Curves , who is not only a fellow blogger but now a really good friend 🙂 Go and say hi!

2) Blogging is time consuming – Which is why I’ve been so slack lately with posting because I’ve just been so busy. Blogging may look easy but content needs to be planned, editing needs to be done, photo’s need taking and don’t even get me started on what goes into making a video. My new years resolution – plan more!

3) If you don’t love the way your blog looks it will put you off blogging – Another reason I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve really gone off my layout, I think it looks too busy and too amateurish. Thankfully I have a boyfriend who is a very talented web designer in the process of sorting me a new one. Thanks Dan!

4) Other blogs are a great inspiration – A lot of posts I write are inspired by other post’s I’ve seen around. If you fancy starting up a blog I suggest reading as many as you can

5) Readers like to see a real person behind the blog – Some of my most viewed / commented on posts have been my real life experiences and stories. I love to write about beauty and fashion etc but I also enjoy sharing other life experiences. Always be true to yourself when blogging

6) People you don’t realise are interested, will read your blog – I found this quite surprising since I don’t really advertise my blog on social media, other then twitter  or Instagram every now and again, but I’ve still had people I know comment on my blog, or even speak to me in my local pub. Once I had an anonymous comment on my blog and when I found out who it was it really surprised me as I had no idea that the person in question would be interested in reading anything I wrote. On that note, if you ever want to comment please feel free to, especially the person who left me that comment, you don’t have to leave them anonymously . I don’t mind who you are, if you have an opinion or you want to chat I’m always happy to 🙂

7) People aren’t always kind – I’ve been very lucky in the sense I’ve only ever really had one incident where someone was very unkind and I’ve removed those comments. But to blog you do need a thick skin as sometimes people on the internet have nothing better to do then troll.

8) If you don’t always stick to your planned posts its not big deal – Planning things is great but I always used to put myself under a lot of pressure to stick to a timetable when in realty life doesn’t always work like that. Now I don’t worry so much I’m enjoying blogging a lot more.

9) Even if it can be stressful at times, its very therapeutic – I love blogging with a cup of tea after a long day, it’s very relaxing!

10) Its a motivator to try different things – I decided to have a go at YouTube again and this year I’m going to try and get creative again, which means I’ll be starting a series of “Make it with me” posts trying some of the craft projects I’ve seen in my new craft books. I’ll also be starting a weight loss journey on my blog and sharing some healthy recipes starting next week!

So there we have it, just a few things I’ve learnt from blogging this year and I’m really excited to share the next year with you guys. If you have anything you’ve learnt that you’d like the share please leave me a comment!



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  1. Love this post Laura – and that you sooooo much for the lovely mention huni, it’s so lovely to see a friendship blossom between bloggers 🙂 Very blessed indeed to have y’all as great chums who never fail to cheer me up, support & encourage me constantly!! XXX

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