You Know When Someone Just Enters Your Life….

I know I’ve been missing in action from the blogging world lately, as there’s been a lot of stuff happening and lots of things to organise (all good!) but I’ve started making lists and I’m hoping to have my posts a bit more regularly now.

Anyway, this is a bit of an unusual post for me, I know I like to post a about my life and experiences, but I’m not really one for public displays of affection over social media, and I’ve never been one to constantly need prove to the world how in love I am, (never understood couples who post kissing pictures all over social media and all those soppy love letters). But today marks the first year that Dan and I have officially been together, and I’m feeling all happy and all that other mush so I thought I’d do a short post.

I think it’s funny how sometimes people just randomly come into your life and make such a big change. Before I met Dan I’d be single for a year and was loving it. It was great to make my own decisions and be totally selfish with my time, I’d gotten a job I really enjoyed and was generally just doing my own thing. Then I met Dan and we started meeting up for drinks and talking all the time and suddenly we were together. For me personally getting into another relationship was a big thing, there was so many ifs and buts and I enjoyed my single life and I didn’t know how I’d make room for someone else or having to consider somebody else in all the decisions I made. Also I wasn’t sure if I could deal with the possible trauma and trust issues a relationship might bring. It really did feel like a big thing.

A year later it’s the best risk I ever took, and I honestly don’t even know what I was worrying about. It’s the easiest, most relaxed relationship I’ve ever been in. We’re not an overly romantic couple, we don’t do the big grand gestures or constant posting of I love your’s etc (I hope he never reads this because he will literally die of embarrasment). But for me it’s the little things that make it amazing, like being made a cuppa while I’m still in bed (I’m so easy to please!) or that he makes the effort with my two young cousins who adore him, or that when I’ve had a really bad day I have someone to talk to. When I had that awful night when I ended up in hospital with a broken toe (seems small, it was hell – post here) he came over with chocolate and made me tea all day and had to help me wash my hair because I was that doped up I couldn’t even manage that, and listened to me cry on the phone about how my life was ruined (A tad over dramatic on my part but I’m blaming the drugs!) And this weekend I even got my first bouquet of flowers from him, which sounds pretty standard in a relationship but for me its a lot more special if it only happens every so often (or probably ever year in my case!)

I think in a relationship its so important to be able to laugh, trust and talk (I’m aware that sounds like a cheesy meme on instagram) and I’m really lucky to have found somebody that I can do all of that with and more.

So for everyone who might be dithering about getting into a relationship, just getting out of a bad one or even just loving the single life like I was, sometimes taking a chance on somebody can turn out to be the best thing you ever did.

I might read all this tomorrow and cringe, but I thought it would be a nice change to post a life post that’s really positive. As always I’d love to hear your comments, 🙂

2 thoughts on “You Know When Someone Just Enters Your Life….

  1. This is so lovely to read, I love reading people’s honesty like this which isn’t soppy or cringy as you said at the start and lifestyle posts like this make me reflect on my own life and my own relationship with my boyfriend so well done for this! I look forward to your further posts x

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