A Really Good Experience With Benefit Cosmetics

Hi everyone, I just thought I’d share a short video on a really good experience I had with Benefit Cosmetics customer service, I’ve been watching a lot of videos that are quite negative about high end brands so I thought it would be nice to share something positive.

I hope you enjoy!

7 thoughts on “A Really Good Experience With Benefit Cosmetics

  1. Chummy!!!!! I so need a huuuuuge catch up on your videos… looking forward to a good polka-dot-video-a-thon tomorrow evening… tea bags stocked up for that 😉 hehe Hope you’re keeping well *hugs* XXXX

    1. Hey ☺im great thanks how are you? Looking forward to hearing what you think! Also let me know what you think of my post on revenge porn, hoping to raise awareness on that one 😘😘

      1. I’m good – just sooooooo busy right now, can hardly get time for anything!! All go with Emma back to school and my schedule up the left… muddling through but I’m sure all will settle soon enough 🙂 Ooooh I missed that one – gee what an eyebrow raiser… will def check it out chum!! XXX

          1. Doing really well thanks huni… she adores school so was itching to get back into it! Very bizarre to me as I really disliked my school days – but I guess that’s a clear sign she’s a happy girl 🙂 Just trying to get my head around the routine again lol XXX

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