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I’m so glad you guys are loving this #Uniadvice series! Thank you for the lovely comments 🙂

Today I thought I’d do a study equipment post, and since I studied fashion studies at uni, I also thought that I’d include essential equipment for fashion students in this post too.

So here’s a list of basic study essentials, you can find decent stationary at a number of UK stores such as the works, Wilkinsons, Paperchase and supermarkets (If you go about now they’ll all have deals on!) –

  • An organiser – this will be a lifesaver! Make sure you put a copy of your university time tablet in here too
  • Folders – For all your different topics of work, I’d recommend a few big ring-binders and a few smaller ones
  • Plastic wallets – To go in your folders and keep your work all tidy
  • Folder dividers – Self explanatory!
  • A couple of notebooks – To jot down lecture notes, I personally think the ones with dividers are the best
  • Pens, highlighters, pencils, eraser, sharpener and a pencil case
  • A memory stick – Again another lifesaver! I’d get one you can attach to your keys and another as a back up
  • Basic desktop stationary – a hole punch, stapler, scissors, sellotape, post it notes,
  • A notice board – Not too essential, but handy! Don’t forget the pins to go with it!
  • Any books relevant to your course and on your reading list
  • An expanding filing case – You could get one of these cheap from Wilkinson, really good for holding imporant documents such as your passport, driving documents, uni documents, bank statements, student loan documents etc.

These are just the basic’s if you would like a full list of bits plus other essentials that I haven’t thought of I’d really recommend visiting the student room checklist

And now onto the fashion list! There is a hell of a lot here, and this article is something I wrote for a website called Career Geek a few years back. You can check out the series here and I will be using a couple of these older posts as the #Uniadvice series goes on. Also if you would like to know which books I really recommend for fashion students, check out one of my previous posts “My Top 5 Books For Fashion Students ” here . This equiptment will vary depending on the couse so do check with your university first

  • A sewing box- My advice is to buy two, a cheap large plastic on for all your non essential and spare items, such as threads and spare scissors etc. Then also buy a smaller one that you can easily take to university and fill it with all your essential items. Make sure you keep you both boxes organised. Its such a pain in the backside when you really need something and you’ve left it at home. And untangling threads and tape measures when you need to be sewing is never fun.
  • Scissors- Fabric scissors (Invest in good ones and never use them for paper cutting!) . Paper scissors (a cheap pair).Small sewing scissors,Pinking shears (The ones with the jagged edges, not essential but useful to have)
  • Stitch unpicker- Buy a lot of unpickers. Although you’ll hate using them, they will save your arse many a time. And they always seem to mysteriously disappear. Buy in bulk, always keep two in your main sewing box and a couple in your big sewing box
  • Tape measure –Buy a couple of these because they always get lost. Keep a few in the big box and one in the little box.
  • Tailors chalk – Don’t bother with fabric marker pens or pencils, they either don’t work or stain. Invest in some old fashioned tailors chalk. And always remember to use it on the wrong side of the fabric!
  • Threads – When you start of its best to buy a basic set of colours, then as your work your way through uni buy specific threads as you need them and add them to your collection. Also buy a thread box or a spool organiser so they don’t get messy.
  • Hand needles –Buy two packets of these, as you can find them fairly cheap in Boyes. Pop one in each box.
  • Pins –Buy a couple of boxes, as they disappear very quickly! Over the course of three years I managed to lose all my pins, mostly in my carpet. Also get a magnet so then you can clean them up easily if you knock them over.
  • Pattern master –It’s pretty expensive but worth it, and if you take good care of it, and it will last you for years. Six years later I still have mine.
  • Pattern paper – If you’re studying pattern making I’d advise you to buy a roll, much cheaper in the long run

If you are buying art materials the first thing I will say about art material is don’t rush out and buy lots of different media. When I first received my equipment list for university, it had things like charcoal and pastels on it. I bought them, used them once and that was that. Don’t be bullied into buying media you are not comfortable using just because it’s on the list.

Another point to make is doing assume that just because a media is expensive, it is better. The media is only as good as your work, after spending lots of money on art equipment in first year, half of which I never used, I learnt that very quickly. The works is quite cheap and the art materials are fairly good quality if you are after pencils, sketchbooks, etc. If you want to buy a media you know you will use often, it might be worth spending a little more money on it. For example I use watercolour paints in nearly all my drawings so I would spend a little more on these and less money on sketching pencils. It’s all about what you want to work with, and if you feel it’s worth spending the money on it. Don’t buy things just because you university tells you to.

  • Medias you may like to work in – Water colour paint, Acrylic paint, Gouache Paint, Pastel, Marker pens, Sketching & coloured pencils
  • Sketchbooks – The best advice I can give with this is don’t bother buying expensive ones. Chances are, as mine did, the tutors will tear out pages, stick them back in, draw all over them and maybe ever crumple them up.
  • Portfolio Case –An A3 one is standard within industry. It’s worth spending a bit of money on a good quality portfolio case. It looks a bit more professional and it will inspire you to fill it with lots of amazing work.
  • A3 carry case.
  • Glue sticks- Make sure these are good!, Rubbish glue sticks can ruin your work.
  • Pocket sketchbook This isn’t really essential, but the amount of times I’ve had a good idea while I’ve been out, and not been able to draw it then forgotten what it was is unbelievable, just buy a small one for your handbag and you’ll never lose a good idea.
  • Art box –To store all your materials in, get one with a handle so it’s easy to carry.
  • Stanley knife- These are useful to neaten up edges and cut out things all nice and neat. Not essential, so buy one from the works, but useful to have around.
  • A fabric sample book –I just used a small a5 sketchbook for mine.
  • Double sided tape – perfect for displaying work, I preferred this to glue
  • Other bits you may want to splash out on are, a domestic sewing machine, a mannequin, a large handbag/ uni equipment bag, a suitcase or trolley for the heavy bits

After reading this rather long list, your jaw has probably hit the floor and you’re freaking out over how you’re going to afford it all. The best advice I can give is buy a little at a time. Also start saving up asap!, fashion is expensive and will probably have you out of pocket for most of your university life, unless you managed your money very well. But if you make sure you take care of all your equipment, it will defiantly last you through uni and beyond!

I hope you fashion and non fashion students found this useful, let me know by commenting or tweeting me @misslaurameow and if theres any other uni topic post you would like to see let me know 🙂

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