Guys, Why So Creepy?

Obviously this isn’t aimed at ever guy in the world. Just the select few that think sending creepy, sleazy messages (and some times pictures!) to people is attractive and an acceptable thing to do. I never keep these to myself and always end up whatsapping them to friends and having a good laugh over then as I’m sure most girls do. We’ve had them all, ex boyfriend, boys with girlfriends, random strangers, random people they know but have never spoken to. You name it and one of these creeps have probably messaged me or my friends. I’ve decided to share a few of these messages (they aren’t all mine!) The sad thing is that these are some of the politer ones, and there is actually a lot worse. But I really didn’t feel comfortable sharing that kind of content on my blog.

If you ever fancy a laugh check out this website –

I have never ever come across a girl who’s ever thought these kind of messages were attractive. EVER. Nobody has ever looked at messages like these and thoughts”Wow man of my dreams right there” –

2015-08-16 14.48.23

2015-08-16 14.49.142015-08-16 14.40.22 2015-08-16 14.51.12 2015-08-16 15.30.46

And how about this absolute gem –

2015-08-16 15.37.49

I know right? WOW. Hands up if these messages make you feel attracted to these boys? No? Me neither.

Guy’s please don’t do this.For one it just comes across as cringe and desperate, and two it’s actually really creepy. It’s really not good behaviour. What happened to the art of conversation? Why is it suddenly acceptable to send messages like this, and even better get annoyed when a girl doesn’t do it back and throw abuse. Check out the link I posted above for perfect examples of this.

I know I’m laughing and taking the piss, and these messages seem relatively harmless other then making the sender sound like a total sleaze ball, but the attitudes behind messages like this are actually quite scary. It shows a real lack of respect for the person receiving the message, and I think that kind of attitude could easily develop into something more sinister. I saw this tweet the other week-

Screenshot_2015-08-16-16-05-02 Screenshot_2015-08-16-16-05-43

How terrifying is this? She turned down his messages and ended up getting threats like that?

I’m not saying all guys do this kind of this, and I’m sure perhaps there are females out there who do the same thing. Bottom line, it’s creepy don’t do it.

Have you ever had messages or experiences like these? Comment below and let me know!

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