50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

So I was nominated for this tag by my lovely blog buddie Karen over at Confetti And Curves and I was going to leave it until tomorrow but then I started thinking of all the things that make me happy and I couldn’t wait to write them down. So aside from the obvious, family, friends, Dan etc here are all the random little things that make me happy.

  1. Going to work – I’m one of those really lucky people who adores my job. I’m a social care support worker for adults with Autism and it is the most rewarding (& challenging!) job. I work with amazing people, both staff and service users.

2. Working with one service user – I adore all my service users but I have really clicked with one of them, and working with them really brightens up my day!

3. That first cup of tea in the morning 

4. Wine nights with my best friend’s Danielle and Becca – Putting the world to rights one glass at a time

5. Whatsapp – This was a life saver when my friend Ben was away travelling!  The best way to talk to my friends

6. When Natalie persuades me to buy beauty products – I try and protest, but not too much, and she’s usually right!

7 .Geek nights playing X-Box with Dan

8 .Illustration – I love sitting down for a few hours with a cuppa and loosing myself in drawing

9 .Positive feedback on my business page – I’ve worked so hard with my business, and it’s the biggest mood lifter ever when I get messages saying my customer is thrilled with their item

10.My beautiful cousins Evie and Emelia – Cheeky, hilarious and the worlds best huggers


11. Candles – Literally the most relaxing thing in the world

12. This piece of music

13. And this one


14. Books – Any and all

15. Finding really inspiring posts on Instagram 

16. Brand new pj’s

17. Fresh bedding – Is there anything better?

18. Doing a big tidy and organise of my things – So theraputic

19. Treating myself to a highend piece of make up 

20. And also finding a beauty bargain

21. Reading my favourite blogs

22. When my favourite Youtubers update

23. Listening to the rain

24. A real coal fire in Winter

25 Online shopping

26. Free next day delivery!

27. Looking at old photos

28. Spooky real life stories

29. Walking to work listening to music

30. Curling up with chocolate, films & Dan

31. Finding pretty bits of homeware

32. Finding that one awesome song to listen to on repeat – At the moment it’s Shine by Years and Years

33. Bike riding – I’ve re-discovered my love for this on a recent trip to Clumber Park

34. Dressing up and feeling amazing

35. Cocktail nights

36. Notebooks – major obsession

37. In fact any stationary 

38. Learning new things – At the moment its tarot cards, next I’m moving on to psychology

39. Comments from my readers

40. Memes – My friends and I send a lot to each other. Lots of fun

41. Good morning text messages <3

42. Emoji’s – What did we do without them?

43.  The satisfaction of running a bath exactly the right temperature

44. Projects – I get to do a lot of distance learning at my work and I love it

45. When somebody re-tweets my blog link!

46. 11’o clock family guy in bed – my guilty pleasure

47. Chatting about old uni times

48. When my old house mates and I all get the time to meet up!

49. Finding pretty new fabric and craft material

50 That uncontrollable laughter when everything is funny.

And that’s my 50 things that make me happy. I’m only going to tag my friend Natalie from Maybebach in this, as Karen tagged a lot of my favourite bloggers, but please have a go at this tag. If you do leave me a link so I can read it! 🙂

3 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

  1. Love, love, love this Laura!!! We are sooo alike 😀 What amazing pieces of music too, love St Elmos fire but have never watched the film – feel like I’m missing out somehow lol thank you for such an awesome mention lovely 🙂 Brill post, Karen xo

    1. I actually met John Parr a few weeks ago who sings St Elmo’s fire! He invited me to his studio and made me a cuppa! To be honest I didn’t really rate the film. I know we are so alike, I think at some point a meet up is needed (going to try and persuade dan to visit Ireland!) xxx

      1. That’s very awesome indeed, cuppa with John Parr hehe 😀 Oh such a shame you didn’t rate the film – I must at least give it a go as I do love those cheesy eighties movies lol Hopefully one day we’ll get a cuppa together if you ever do manage to make it over, would be lovely! 🙂 XXX

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