New Look Goodies

More spending! I know it’s terrible, but New Look had some really pretty items in and I couldn’t resist! In my defence a lot of it was sale shopping, so I grabbed some really great bargains.

I must apologise for the terrible quality of these photographs, as I wasn’t at my own house so i kind of had to make do with what I had. I was far too excited to wear what I’d bought, so I decided to photograph them there and then so I could take the labels off.


These brow faux suede shoes are really different to what I normally wear, and initially I wasn’t sure, but now I love them. I think they’ll go really well with some of the dresses I have in the Autumn/Winter. I think these were £14 reduce to £6


My favourite purchase! This really pretty tea dress was reduced from £20 to £6 and I was lucky enough to grab the only one in my size. I bought this on a whim as Dan had surprised me and told me we were going out for dinner and I had nothing to wear. This looks super pretty on and I’ll do an outfit post on it soon.


These cable knit tights were £3 each, I thought they’d be good for Autumn/Winter. I picked up the grey ones as I don’t have a pair and I thought they would look quite different. These fit really well too, I always find that tights small enough to fit my skinny legs are too short.


Socks. Boring but practical. I can’t remember the cost of these, but I got three in a pack. I mainly bought these for work as I wear pumps (the best shoes for my poorly toe 🙁 ) The only thing with these are they are a little tight around the top of the foot.


I love this top! It was £5 and is a really fine knit, so you can wear it as a jumper or on it’s own. I think this will look really good with wet look leggings and biker boots.


Basic white top (can’t remember the price) and some dark blue jeggings (£14). I needed a pair of jeggings to go with my nice tops, as most of mine are now faded and have gone into my work wardrobe. I always go for jeggings over jeans as I struggle to find jeans to fit my hips and legs. (big hips and skinny leg problems!)


For £5 I thought this was a great find, its really pretty for both the Summer and Autumn/Winter. it is a little see through though so I do have to wear a white vest underneath.


These were discounted as some were missing, to be honest I only bought these for the cute little leaf earrings at the top, but I have been wearing some of the others too. For £2 you can’t go wrong.

And that’s my purchases from New Look, what do you think? Let me know if you guys have any hauls to look at on your blog!

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