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I spotted this post today on a craft group I’m a member of on Facebook, and I really really love it.


I find this to be very true when it comes to my work. I can spend hours and hours losing myself in painting, and a lot of the time when I sell the pieces I have a hard time letting go as I’ve put so much work in to it! A lot of projects I do also have a specific meaning or mood to them depending on how I was feeling at the time, and I think a lot of people who craft, whether they do it for a living or a hobby are the same. It’s such a lovely feeling when you finally finish something you’ve been working on for so long.

One of the things I find sad when it comes to creativity is that a lot of the time people who don’t craft themselves and are looking to buy something handmade, often think that we are too expensive (I’m not saying this is everyone!) . I think because it’s so easy to buy cheap mass produced things these days, people have lost their appreciation for something which has had a lot of thought and work go into it. Believe it or not small businesses and people who craft actually generally tend to under pay themselves. I spotted a post earlier where somebody had said they could make the same thing for less, when in actual fact all they had taken into account was the material cost, and not the time taken to make the item.

I’ve always been lucky enough that my customers have always been lovely people and I’m often told that I actually don’t charge enough for my work which may well be the case. I have another job and I generally illustrate because I just like to be creative and I love the idea that people have my work hanging in their homes, any profit made is a bonus.

On the positive side I do think people are coming round to handmade more, I’ve seen a lot of posts about asking for page link so they can buy handmade gifts from small businesses, which is fantastic. Lets hope that this continues and gives small businesses and handmade the boost they need!

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of my favourite pieces and my page link. If you are a crafter then please feel free to leave me links to your pages/blogs in the comments and I will check them out! find my Facebook page here

IMG_20150728_102011 IMG_20150728_101311 IMG_20150728_101719 IMG_20150713_184327 Dancerfull

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  1. Love your pictures x REAL beautiful women 😀 x and you are right we crafters put a little piece of our heart into every piece and often work at way less then minimum wage. We do it because we love it!

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