Eating Healthy & Weightloss

I’ve been scrolling through some Instagram pictures today and found this picture from December 2014 (when I met one of my favorite singers) and I realized just how much weight I’d lost since January. I don’t have any recent body shots, this one is from March (excuse the daft photo, its the only body shot I have!), but I haven’t lost anymore weight since then. ☺



I’m one of those people whose weight goes up and down quite easily, my body type is slim, and the weight always goes to my hips and lower stomach. Most people do put weight on over Christmas I think (sooo much good food!) And that’s what I did. So come January, like most I decided to try and eat better. I didn’t do it to lose weight as such, I’m not overly fussed about that, I just wanted to lose the sluggish feeling after Christmas, and be more energized. I can’t deny I’m pleased with the results though.

I cut out junk food (apart from the odd treat) and bread, and switched to brown pasta and rice. I also found that bulking my meals out with lots of veg and snacking on fruit really good too. I switched to Quorn instead of using mince, as it had less fat, was cheaper and really tasty. Preparing meals from scratch (such as spag bol, chilli etc) instead of buying a shop sauce helped too, as I could control exactly what went in my food. I have some fab recipes if you guys want to see them. By making simple changes like these I lost over a stone.

The most important thing though was I never let myself go hungry. I think that’s a big mistake people can make, because it actually doesn’t help. I also really hate faddy diets, like slim fast. It really is just as simple as making healthier choices and less junk 🙂

I’m not saying every one should diet or anything like that. I think any size and shape is beautiful and people shouldn’t define themselves or be defined by their weight. But doing this made me feel better within myself, a lot more energized, and even my skin looks better. It boosted my confidence and I feel a lot more comfortable with my body 🙂

If anybody has a similar story to share or has any healthy recipes for me to see let me know!

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