Ignorance & Mental Illness

This is in response to a rather rude and ignorant comment left on my post “Just a few thoughts” (Read it here). After a little digging around online (thanks for again giving me IP addresses and emails WordPress) I’ve realised this account had been reported for spamming on several other sites. So I’ve decided to delete all their comments and replies.

However the first comment that this person made basically accused me of having a mental illness, because I had chosen to talk about my personal life on my blog. I’m not particularly offended by the comment personally, as I know I’m not mentally ill, however the ignorance on the subject infuriates me. The fact that this person decided to throw around an accusation about a very sensitive subject matter as if it were an insult and a joke was a pretty horrible move on their part.

I work with adults with various mental illnesses and I hate the word “illness”, it implies that there is something wrong with that person when there isn’t, they are just different. These people are some of the most wonderful, polite, funny and kind people I’ve ever met, much more so the a lot of “neurotypical” people I know. (Neurotypical = people who are not on the autistic spectrum).

I also know people who are dealing with or have dealt with other mental heath issues, such as depression. Again this is a very sensitive subject and isn’t something to be ridiculed or belittled. It’s hard work and it’s a battle for them everyday, and it’s people who make ignorant comments like the one made on my blog that make it so much harder for them to feel comfortable enough to ask for help.

Mental “illness” in any shape or form is something that should be spoken about in a sensitive way, and not thrown around as an insult. It’s not something that people need to be ashamed of either and they should never be afraid to ask for help.

I don’t mind people voicing their opinion on my blog, however comments that are offensive to me and other readers will be deleted and blocked. It’s fine to have an opinion, I don’t mind a healthy debate,  but there’s ways and means of doing this.

Sorry that post was a little heavy guys, as always comments are welcome (mature non offensive ones!)

14 thoughts on “Ignorance & Mental Illness

  1. Hello great post again and I do agree that those people are great. I only said that the first commenter was worried about you. I do not think I was rude I was just asking difficult question about more details. You say ignorance is bad but I have only commented on your blog and do not spam so you are making lies about me and telling the world. Is that ignorance? I read all your blog and do not spam I only commented once for more details and now you lie about me so was everything you say a lie?

    1. Yes your comment was rude, you started making accusations of mental illness. The first commenter wasnt worried, they were somebody with their own problem who felt they needed to make a fake account to be brave enough to say something. I said that I checked out your IP address and the IP address has been reported on several different servers as spam. I can send you proof of this if you like. Also I didn’t name you & I also deleted your comments so people wouldnt have been able to see your name either.You can accuse me of lying on my blog if you want. I know Im not & so do my readers so it doesn’t bother me.

      1. I do not know why you are rude and mean to me. I liked your blog follow on twitter and read everything then I comment one comment asking for more details because I am confused and then you lie about me to the world. I use PC at my library I read books and you wrote about my favourites and I do not spam. Just one fan asking for more detail should not be called mean things. I have my own depression but I do not like to talk about it I just asked for more detail

        1. I’m not being rude or mean to you, I’m responding to comments in the same tone you asked them. I’m sorry if I offended you but please understand that it is very offensive repeatedly accuse somebody of being mentally Ill. If you suffer with it yourself then you should have realised it wasn’t a nice thing to do and I did give you as much detail about that post as I could have. I’m not lying to the world about you, I simply said what I found out when I researched your IP address. Like I said I can send you proof of what the servers said. I don’t really want to keep arguing with you, its turning my blog into a battleground and I don’t want it to be like that.

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