The Singers

Hi guys! Just a quick post today to show you my latest illustration collection, these are inspired by vintage jazz/blues singers 🙂

These are A4 size, watercolour and pen on watercolour paper, and are available to buy on my page

Let me know what you think of them!

IMG_20150723_160510 IMG_20150723_160632 IMG_20150723_160704 IMG_20150723_160732 IMG_20150723_160819

Sorry this is such a short post, I have some time off coming up so I have some longer ones planned, including a book review, some beauty reviews, haircare routine and a lifestyle post on why (some) guys act so creepy and you’ll have the joy of seeing some creepy/ hilarious messages guys have sent me and my friends, feel free to send me your own to be featured!!

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