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Hi Guys, So after the pretty heavy post last time I have a bit of a light relief for you today. A beauty clear out! I decided last week to have a clear out of beauty items as I’m trying to downsize a little, and I thought I’d share what I was throwing out and why with you guys.


So firstly, lipsticks. A lot of these are MUA which means they were only £1 each so I don’t feel too bad about throwing them. Generally the colours don’t suit me and I never wear them. There is also a Barry M lipstick in here which is just awful, the colour makes me look ill and the formula is so clumpy and disgusting.

A couple of foundations here, generally the colour isn’t quite right which is why I’m throwing them, and I especially don’t like the formula of the OLAY BB cream, I find it really hard to blend and too thick. Again with the blushes, the colour doesn’t suit me.


These are all mascara’s and eye products. Generally with these either the pigmentation isn’t very good. The Make Up Revolution Eyeliner has no staying  power and all, and the rest are just cheap pencil eyeliner. The Stiletto Lashes mascara I find too clumpy and I think it’s out of date anyway.


I’m throwing these palettes away because I don’t use them. Again the pigmentation isn’t very good and they don’t stay. They were only cheap so I’m not too fussed about throwing them,


All these nail varnishes have gone a bit sticky and gloopy, which is why I’m throwing most of them out. The only one I’m throwing out because I don’t like it is the clear Make Up Revolution Top Coat. This takes forever to dry and makes the varnish clump together.

So that’s that! Clearing all this stuff out has made me realise how much money I’ve wasted on things just because they’ve been cheap or on offer. I think from now on I’m going to try and not get sucked in by promotions (talking to you Superdrug) and perhaps invest in higher end products which I know I’ll like, rather then several cheap ones.

Have you guys thrown anything out lately? What was it?

4 thoughts on “Beauty Clear Out

  1. My days of buying lots of cheap products are long gone ! You do find the odd gem but mostly you get what you pay for! I’m addicted to trying new high end products maybe a little too addicted haha 😝. Xx

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