Book Review : Manhatten By Ronnie Cooper

Raine: Owner of Manhattan, the sexiest nightclub in New York, Raine never doubted she’d make it – she just had no idea how many people she’d have to climb over to get to the top. Now she’s queen of the city and no one’s going to take her crown.Mai-Lin: The beautiful, enigmatic madam is as famous as the clients she supplies with the hottest chicks in the city. But it wasn’t always that way. Mai-Lin served her apprenticeship in the brothels of Shanghai and those days have left her with an insatiable thirst for an act of revenge that could cost her everything.Stevie: Lead singer of the biggest female rock band in the country. Their explosive split shocked the world. Now Stevie is going solo – but the bad girl of rock has a secret and she’ll do anything it takes to stop the demons from the past destroying her future.
Now one of the women is missing . . . And only the other two can save her. Blurb taken from Amazon

I downloaded this book for my kindle as i really enjoyed Ronnie Coopers other book “Rock Chicks”. This really didn’t disappoint, it’s gritty, dark and thrilling. I couldn’t stop reading it. It was quite blunt, and there’s a lot of sex, drink, drugs and swearing in the novel, but I think the plot line warrants it and it isn’t just for the sake of it or to be shocking.

I loved the characters in this book and it was interesting to read how their experiences with the main antagonist ┬áharden them as they grow up. If you’re looking for a page turner this is it, however it won’t be to everyone’s taste due to the topics addressed in it (prostitution, rape, drugs, murder etc) but it is fascinating.

Anybody read it? Thoughts?

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