June Empties 2015 & No Spend July

So, I’m feeling rather sorry for myself this Sunday. Hottest week of the year so far and I’ve managed to get a cold. How does that even happen?? I genuinely feel like my brain is melting!

Anyway, onto the empties. I haven’t actually used a great deal this month so this is a quick post.


Superdrug Cleansing Face Wipes – I don’t particularly like these, I think I just picked them up because I needed some cheap wipes on the go. I find them quite scratchy and they aren’t really great at removing make up. Not repurchasing.

Garnier Simply Essentials Cleanser and Toner – I really liked these as a duo, they were really refreshing and seemed to perk up my skin, however with certain other products they don’t seem to mix but I’ve been using them together with an Olay moisturiser and the Garnier eye roll on and its been leaving my skin really clear and refreshed. I used to suffer from really dry patches but this has cleared up my face a treat. I’m currently trying other products but I’d definitely buy these again.

Boots Extracts Strawberry Body Wash – I was slightly disappointed with this, I loved the body mist I bought from this range and had really high hopes for the body wash. I found the scent wasn’t very strong and seemed to have a weird sickly smell behind it. Also it didn’t foam very well. I won’t buy this again, but I would try the other scents.

Garnier Ultimate Blends “The Sleek Restorer” Shampoo and Conditioner – I bought this because it was on offer, and I’ll probably buy again if it’s on offer but its nothing spectacular. It does have a nice smell to it, but I didn’t see any results with it.

So there we have my very small list of empties. I’ve also decided to do this No Spend Challenge this July, which I read about on Ravishing Roses this morning. The only thing I have bought make up wise is my Birch Box, but that’s on a subscription and has already been shipped. I’m hoping that this will save me some money, and encourage me to finally use all those little samples of everything I collect then don’t use.

Hope you all have a lovely week!

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